Emotional Processing session




Emotional processing session (1-2-1)


This session is a Counselling-Talk therapy type session where we will be using emotional processing techniques to help you integrate the different aspects of your being that are being triggered or activated by the polarization of different emotional states.

You will learn tools to help you process emotions by yourself and we will work with you during the session with the issues of your concern that you will bring up in the session, clearing together for your sake and supporting your journey from a heart-centered approach with your highest good in mind and in heart.

Emotional processing is one of the most important tools that we need nowadays to navigate the outer and inner landscapes of our being and the collective. We are being increasingly bombarded by the emotional explosion of unconscious material being awakened in the collective and many of us, empaths are finding ourselves struggling with the intensity of these expressions from self and others, at times dominating completely our sphere of awareness and conditioning our actions and responses to life.

Throughout the session, we will be using bioenergetic tools to go deeper into the core underlying issues that could be triggering you. This will support your personal exploration of the matters that concern you and the emotional entanglements that surround those issues, from all times and all spaces and dimensions.

Who is your facilitator: Barbara Meneses has a background in Professional Counseling and Advanced Life Coaching.

Legal Disclaimer: These sessions are Counselling sessions we do not treat Psychological or Psychiatric conditions. These sessions are not recommended for those suffering from a medical condition.In such a case please refer to your GP /healthcare professional.

Product Details:

1,5-2h hours talk therapy session via Skype or Zoom.We will get back to you to agree upon a suitable date and hour that matches both of our time zones.(Our time zone is Madrid, Spain time).

We will process with you and teach you ways in which to process yourself to empower you on your journey

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