Ultra White Attunement




This initiation allows you to connect vibrationally with the ULTRA WHITE radiesthetic color which is a sub-band of colors between the WHITE dowsing color and the Negative Green a color that is a carrier wave of information and the dowsing expression of the vibration of Power. This initiation will enhance your ability to tune into this sub band of color, work with it to transmit its vibratory frequencies with or without pendulums, through your connection to Ultra White.

This initiation is very useful when we are in a place where we cannot comfortably work with pendulums and we need to transmit this radiesthetic color in the distance or by laying on of hands. We can send the color to an animal or to a space to help it harmonize for example. The applications of this initiation are endless and the goal as dowsing is to help you connect better with the vibration of this color and better understand its creative capacity.

The properties of the Ultra White color are mainly those of purifying, thoroughly cleaning the area we are treating at a dowsing level. We have to test the exposure time to said color well so as not to over-saturate the area with an excess of Ultra White. This could unnerve people sensitive to the vibration of Negative Green.

However, the benefits of this radiation are so good to clean that they can help us at an energy level to clean the environment, the atmosphere of our homes in energy-dense or parasitic forms.


These attunements are purely spiritual-energetic-vibrational transmissions.They are NOT a course in Dowsing or a Course in Energy therapies on how to channel energies, transmit energies. We understand that those booking these attunements already have an understanding of what an energetic transmission-attunement is and what they can do with it.

If you need further clarifications after booking an Attunement, you can book a 30 min mentoring session with us on this LINK.


Attunement transmitted at a distance normally 48h after purchasing

Manual in PDF and Diploma in PDF

We need your full name, date of birth for the attunement please write it in the area “NOTAS” on the chart.



An original Pura Presencia ™ product created with full love and conscience for the highest good of all.



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