The Whale pendulum



Pura Presencia Whale Pendulum

(It does not contain any animal or mammalian elements nor has any cruelty been committed in its manufacture)

The Whale Pendulum has been created to work at a vibratory level (Vibratory Radiesthesia) with the energy of the whales and their spiritual, energetic and vibratory properties.

Whales have been associated with access to the Subconscious, to the Akashic records, to deep emotional healing, to connection with the inner Child, to the cleansing and purification of the aura by cleaning the vibratory waters in which the vibrations move. In shamanic and indigenous traditions of the world, the whale is associated with access to the Wisdom of the Cosmos, to the ocean of Life, the Unity of Being.

Pendulum Properties:

  • By virtue of its shape: The pendulum has the classic shape of the Mermet Pendulum, a vibratory dowsing tool developed by the French Abbot Mermet, an expert in detecting all types of vibrations with this creation of his.
  • By its inner content: the pendulum has a series of physical remedies inside that allow us to connect and access the vibrations of the whales. Among these ingredients is the Pure Central Vibration that aligns us on our axis, connects us to Source, raises our vibration and expands our consciousness. Issue Spiritual Gold. The other ingredients in this composition help us to: eliminate electrical parasitization, achieve higher levels of calm, peace, serenity, clarity, alertness, access to the buddhic plane, hemispheric coordination, mind-heart coordination, aura cleansing, Christic energies.
  • By its radiesthetic color: The pendulum emits the radiesthetic base color WHITE This color is a Universal healing color.


Possible uses of the Whale pendulum

  • It may help us in emotional energetic healings as it deeply nourishes our vibratory-emotional body
  • It may help us work with issues related to the Inner Child (see Dowsing Key 4 on the Inner Child)
  • It may help us connect with whales on an energetic-spiritual level when we need it.
  • It may be used in harmonization sessions for both people and animals when we prove it necessary.
  • It may help us to charge water with the vibrations of the pendulum, focusing on a purpose (for example: to help our emotional field to heal, to balance, to harmonize, to release tensions, etc.).


Ideal user of this pendulum:

This pendulum is safe in the hands of beginners in Dowsing, medium and advanced Dowsers


The pendulum comes with a basic pendulum user manual in PDF English


Attunement of the pendulum to its user

As an offering, the pendulum can be attuned to its user, we need your full name and date of birth. Please write this in the NOTES area upon purchasing the pendulum. If you do not write this we will ship without attuning the pendulum.


Legal Notice: Dowsing and pendulum or Dowsing tools do not substitute proper medical care shall you suffer a condition that requires medical treatment.



Beech wood pendulum with brass piece pass-cord- Handmade. Engraved with Whale Symbol

Weight: 50 grams

Whale Pendulum Manual in PDF (35 pages A6 format) ENGLISH

Pura Presencia Therapeutic Pendulums Manual in PDF (25 pages A6 format) ENGLISH

Possibility to attune the pendulum to its user (leave us their name and DOB in the NOTES area upon purchasing).



A Pura Presencia™ handicrafted product made one by one in Spain by conscious loving hands

Additional information

Weight 50 g


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