Abundance and Prosperity Session


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Abundance and Prosperity Session

Abundance and prosperity are vibrations and states of consciousness based on who we are and who we believe we are. We work in depth with your energy field in a specialised manner with the Lecher Antenna and our deep protocols to find the causes underlying the lack of prosperity and abundance you may be suffering at present and boost your energy field so that you are in greater alignment with your natural right to enjoy greater states of abundance and prosperity.

We will remove negative imprints, negative astrological influences, karmic imprints, ancestral patterns, limiting beliefs, miasmas, implants, curses, vows and any other negative power force that is limiting your access to your divine right to be abundant and prosperous.

How many sessions are needed in this program? It will depend on your energy field. One session is better than none. The more we can clear together, the better. Each session will be adding momentum and strength to the previous work performed.

You might also receive some homework practice to support you in this mission of improving your levels of abundance and prosperity.

Product details:

Specialised Bioenergetic Session with the Lecher Antenna at a distance. Audio and PDF file provided after the session. We need your full name, current location, date of birth and recent picture.


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