Akashic clearing session



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Akashic clearing session

The Akasha is an aspect of Consciousness that has the ability to keep the record of memories for all species, races, beings, organisms. There are MANY Akashic records as they have been called and they are also manipulated Akashic records that have been infiltrated, distorted and their files corrupted. Think of a computer, you can have corrupted data. The “jammed” data within you is constantly IN-FORMING (giving form) to who you are in any present moment. It makes you “be-come” what the data is holding for you. This is why we call these sessions CLEARINGS as most of the files we will be working on these sessions are corrupted, no longer valid for you and are actually preventing you from unfolding your natural organic true Self.

These clearing sessions aim at accessing from different Akashic Records the files within you that need to be cleared that is: processed bioenergetically and released to support your individuation and your conscious awakening to your true nature and your natural return to the organic life and expression of who you truly are.

Each session is performed at a Distance (We do not need to be connected). We will be accessing all relevant Akashic Records and work in unison with your bioenergetic fields and its guidance in order to work with the files that can be cleared at each session.

The work is profound and can take a few weeks to integrate.

The Akashic clearing is performed with the Lecher Antenna and our range of in-depth protocols. The clearing is performed with our whole set of bioenergetic solutions. We are monitoring your energy fields and how they respond to the clearings providing bioenergetic solutions to ease the release and integration process.

We are tapping into all the Akashic files from all Akashic records from the more personal to the more transpersonal.


Please note: These sessions are NOT Akashic readings or communications with so-called Akashic guides to provide guidance. These sessions aim at clearing “your Akasha” so that it will become gradually evident to you WHO YOU ARE and help you access your inner guidance from a clearer perspective.

Who is your session´s facilitator

Product details:
2hours session at a distance. An audio and PDF file is offered with the results of the session. We need recent picture, full name and date of birth (send it on another email) We will contact you asap (except on week ends) to give you the ideal bioenergetic date for your session which will be the soonest ideal date.

Legal Note: These sessions are ourely energetic and are NEVER a substitute for proper medical and psychological care.


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