Archangelic Healing



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Archangelic Healing

The Archangelic Healing is a Spiritual Healing session in which we will work with your energy field and the energy of the Archangels in order to help you in the area of your life that you most need.

We will be working with the Archangels pendulum and with the Spiritual Beings who are supporting us, namely the Archangels, Cherubims, Seraphims, Christ Consciousness, the Divine Mother.

During the session we will be clearing at the deepest level of existence, a wide range of blockages, dense energies, implants and any other barrier that is preventing you from evolving, reaching higher aspects of your own consciousness.

You will be infused with the Divine energies and qualities you most need at the subtlest levels of creation. Your energy field will be uplifted to greater heights not only allowing you to fly but also to ground better in your life.

We will provide an audio and written report. Whenever it is given, you will receive a channeled message from the Divine beings who have been working with you during the session.

Your session facilitator, Barbara, has been training with the Spiritual Beings in the Inner subtle planes for years in order to be able to perform these sessions.


Barbara is a magnificent healer.  I was completely blown away by her ability to connect to the deepest parts of myself, especially the areas that wanted to be healed.

                At 59 years of age I have attended an endless number of healing seminars, workshops, etc.  Today, Barbara healed my inner child and brought me back to myself in a  way that all of the other healings had not.  I highly recommend her for her ability to connect to Mother Divine. You will not be disappointed!

                Ed, an attorney from the USA

Product details:

1 session, at a distance. 2 hours.

We need your full name, date of birth, recent picture of you alone, current location. We will perform the session the soonest possible taking into account what is your best time for receiving the session from a bioenergetic point of view.


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