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Ascension symptoms session

Bioenergetic support session

Ascension is a process of raising our vibrations and our consciousness levels to embrace greater and greater aspects of who we truly are in our multidimensional existance. Some consider this process as being an illusion, a new age fad, but for others this is a daily real experience that causes great amounts of processing to occur on a wide range of levels, from the physical, the energetic, the conscious and the multidimensional. It takes a great toll on our time and daily activities when we are immersed in one of the many Ascension processes, going through upgrades, rewiring, releasing, awakening and deepenings.

These bioenergetic sessions are fully focused on your Ascension process and work to support your body-mind-system to embrace the transformation with greater ease and grace. Our bodies go through enormous challenges under these circumstances and a bioenergetic session with the Lecher Antenna and our full range of protocols and high vibrational solutions and bring great relief and support to help you go through the process.

This session is not only for those going through Ascension symptoms as such but for those wanting support in their Ascension. We can focus on specific aspects in which you may feel the need to be supported bioenergetically. (Write to us if you have a specific element you want to focus on during the session).

Product details:

Bioenergetic session at a distance. We need your full name, date of birth, current location and recent picture. We will tune into your field and provide the best date for the session in order to support you best. At the end of the session we will send you a written and audio document with the results.



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