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Atlantis bioenergetic bar, enhanced and attuned

This Samba wood bar has the adapted symbol of the Atlantean ring so that we can place it in the space that we test being the ideal one in our room, bedroom, workplace in order to balance and harmonize the environement clearing noxious psycho-energy and supporting the relief of geopathic stress..

Due to its waveform, the Atlantis Bar allows us to reduce and minimize the negative impact of waves that generate geopathic and psycho-energetic stress in our living spaces.

Personally, a place that I find ideal for the Atlantis bar is under the bed at the feet between the two people. The first days you notice a lot of energy until you adapt to it.

The Atlantean Bar of Pura Presencia  has been attuned and enhanced. It has the Pure Centering Vibration that helps us stay centered, aligned and balanced on our axis and in relation to the Source. In and of itself, that vibration helps the Atlantean Bar to maintain its optimal radiation levels and capabilities.

The empowerment carried out allows the Bar to perform its protective and harmonizing function to the maximum.

How to use:

You need a pendulum or dowsing rods to determine the ideal location to place it on the ground, with the Atlantean symbol facing up, and find the ideal orientation. The black circle at the tip of the Atlantean bar is usually positioned facing North. But as always we recommend that you test for yourself. Each person is a world and each bioenergetic solution has to adapt to the people who live in a given space.

To ask with a pendulum you can use a question such as:

What is the ideal location (and orientation) to place this Atlantis bar in such a way that it harmonizes perfectly the space with the people who are going to sleep in this room (who are going to work or live in this space), thank you? “(These are two questions: location and orientation ).

Once we have found out, we place the Atlantis bar where we have test that it is the ideal location. We periodically test if we have to clean the Atlantis Bar of residual impregnations. We can tap on a wooden surface to remove dust residues, gently clean the bar with a cloth, use a pendulum such as the Divine Eraser to erase impregnations that may have adhered to the Bar or use a normal pendulum with an instruction to remove residues, impregnations (energy pollution). We can also pass the bar gently over a white candle consecrated to the Light of 100% Pure Light with the intention of cleaning the bar.



“My youngest cat and the most sensitive to energies, has been sniffing the air for 20 minutes since I put the Atlante bar in my study and now is running around full speed. Usually at this time of day, he sleeps ! I can feel the Energy too ! ”   FRANCE.



Samba wood bar engraved with the Atlantis symbol. Attuned and enhanced.. Please note this product is HANDMADE and unique, made one by one. Allow imperfections 🙂

Measures aprox: 30cm long x 7cm wide and 1.7cm tall

Weight aprox: 100 grams


A Pura Presencia™ product, manufactured in Spain by conscious artisans.

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