Atlantis Pendulum brass


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Atlantis Pendulum brass

This is the brass and pendulum  version of our Atlantis Gold and Silver Pendants. This gorgious pendulum comes in the shape of a pendulum with a single cord. You can change the cord and transform it in a pendant/necklace and wear it as a protection.

This pendulum was created by BAJ in honor of the Atlantis ring found in Egypt by the French Egyptologist, the Marquis d´Agrain in 1860.

It has the same properties as the Atlantis pendants, namely protective properties in a similar fashion to the Atlantis ring, and also it is radiating the radiesthetic color white. Its pointy end makes it a very useful pendulum for map-dowsing and other searches which require precision when pointing at a target.

You can create a very strong protective field around yourself, your beloved ones, your home, car, and objects when you combine your intention with the shape of this pendulum.

Product details:

This pendulum is NOT sold with a leather pouch but with a gift anteline pouch as seen in the photo or similar.

Weight: 20-30 grams

Heigth: 42mm aprox




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