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Attunement Sword of Truth

There was a time when Humanity lived in the Purity of Truth. Today, at the end of the Dark age … on the brink of the great change, the Divine Truth returns to us to purify our minds from the great veils of Illusion … The Sword of Truth is one of the tools of that Truth with capital letters that helps us wake up.

Energetic and spiritual initiation transmitted in the distance through which the person receives at a subtle level this transmission that will allow him to access the power and force of the Sword of Truth, the executing tool, so to speak, of Divine Truth.

The Sword of Truth has 5 pillars:

  • True love
  • True Light
  • True Grace
  • True Power
  • True Wisdom

These five forces come together in the Sword of Truth, which is an executing force that springs directly from Divine Truth. This radiation allows us to work energetically with the vibration of Truth in our sessions to help us release:

  • False or erroneous information, frequencies, codes
  • Relationships caught in falsehoods, lies, misperceptions
  • Structures of oppression, manipulation, harmful programming
  • Deception self deception.


  • Supports Dowsers and biofeedback practitioners stay tuned to the vibration of Truth, Divine Truth
  • Stay strong and connected to our true nature


Uses of the Attunement:

The attunement allows us to:

  • Transmit the vibration of the Sword of Truth in energy therapy sessions, spiritual, dowsing
  • Transmit the vibration of the Sword of Truth with our pendulums
  • Charge water, objects, stones, crystals with the vibration of the Sword of Truth (for our personal use and helps our clients in sessions)
  • Meditate on Divine Truth
  • Cleanse our aura
  • Clean up our space clearing it from what is false and oppressive



The Sword of Truth Attunement works in great synergy with the Sword of Truth Pendulum. Both are strengthened, thus being able to carry out a more complete and powerful work between them.

The Sword of Truth Attunement can accompany other attunements such as:

  • Divine Grace
  • Pure Central Vibration
  • Pure Diamond Light
  • Pure White Light
  • Violet Flame
  • DNA 12

Synergy with Online Courses and work protocols

  • The Sword of Truth Initiation can enhance the work carried out in the Warrior Dowsing Course and in all the work protocols suggested in that course.
  • The Sword of Truth Initiation can help a lot in the Online Dowsing and Ascension Course
  • Dowsing and Dreams Course, helping to disperse illusions

Synergy with pendulums

  • Pendulum Sword Truth
  • Pendulum Archangels
  • Pendulum Anti Miasmas
  • Pendulum Exor
  • Divine Eraser Pendulum
  • Siddhi pendulum
  • Akasha pendulum
  • Pendulum Ho ’
  • Egyptian pendulums: karnak, Hathor, Isis, Isis-Osiris, Osiris
  • Others (other future pendulums from our collection or other pendulums on the market).


Synergy with Radionic Discs:

  • Lightworkers DNA Energy Protector disc
  • Archangels discs
  • Divine Mother, Heavenly Father, Holy Spirit
  • Others (Dowse and test which combinations you might need)



  • Spiritual and energetic initiation transmitted over a distance, normally in less than 48 hours from the moment of booking the product through its purchase.
  • PDF Manual in English with Basic instructions
  • Diploma for the Attunement

Write us your name and two surnames (as you want it to appear on the diploma) as well as your date of birth in the NOTES section in the shopping cart, thank you. Verify that you have written your email correctly or otherwise we will not be able to locate or send you the documents).


An original Pura Presencia ™ product created with full love and conscience for the highest good of all.





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