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Bioenergetic Birth Session

We work with the Lecher Antenna and all our protocols and range of bioenergetic tools and solutions.

This session is aimed at 2 types of clients:

1- Babies soon to be born or recently born clearing pre-post and birth traumas, negative energies oppressing them upon incarnating, biological transgenerational conflicts, karmic and past life imprints etc.

2- Adults wishing to clear from a bioenergetic perspective the traumas, blockages, biological and transgenerational conflicts as well as past life, karmic imprints activated at the moment of birth

The purpose of this session is to clear these dense aspects and balance all biofields of our client in relationship to their birth period. We include a welcoming bioenergetic ceremony and blessing to help the person (baby or adult) ground on planet Earth and connect with the supportive energies available to him/she from the planet.



We also recommend a Relationship healing session along with the Birth session to help balance the relationship between the baby and the mother, father and/or other meaningful carers.


LEGAL NOTICE: these sessions are to be considered as purely energetic support, never as a substitute of proper medical care.

Session at a distance 1-1.5h. We need full name, date of birth or aproximate time estimation and recent picture when possible or else name of mother and current location.

We will calculate the ideal time for the session (the soonest possible time) and we will provide the results in audio and pdf format after the session.


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