Bioenergetic Pendant neutralizer and centering



Pura Presencia bioenergetic neutralizer and centering pendant

(Attuned to your energy field)

This pendant has 2 sides with two different purposes. The first side is the one with the Hummingbird representing the joyful medicine of this blissful creature with its opened heart, purely present in the moment, receiving the Divine nectar that is given to him by Nature, Life itself.

This side of the pendant has a powerful presence of Pure Centering Vibration, a radiation that connects us to Source and centers us in our axis. It allows us to access our Divine essence and our connection to All that is. It will act as a balancer. If you wear the pendant facing this side outwards you will be strengthening these properties of the pendant.

The second side has a neutralizer that can neutralize and minimize the negative impact of noxious waves coming your way. When wearing it facing outwards you will be counteracting these waves. You can also lay the pendant on a table with the neutralizer facing upwards and place a piece of jewelry over it to neutralize negative energies. You can also place a picture of someone to neutralize noxious radiations or else you can place a pendulum on top of the pendant to release energies it may have picked.

Attunement to the pendant

If you wish to have the pendant attuned to your energy field, please write to us your name and date of birth upon purchasing the pendant.


Product details:

Pendant made in Zameck, silver plated

Attunement to the pendant

Size: 4,6 cm in diameter


Additional information

Weight 20 g


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