Bioenergetic session Creativity


Bioenergetic session with the Lecher Antenna at a distance.

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Bioenergetic Session Creativity

Creativity is our birthright. Ideally, we “should” be thriving enjoying the gift of Creativity absolutely thrilled and excited, filled with passion. Anytime we are not expressing this, we could be trapped in dynamics that have disconnected us from our natural state.

The purpose of this session is to work bioenergetically with the Lecher Antenna and our in-depth protocols to find the different layers of imbalance in our client´s energy fields preventing him the full access to his/her natural gift of creativity and provide bioenergetic solutions to this.

Creativity is a complex dynamic in which we will have to flow through different areas such as transgenerational patterns, ancestral dynamics, social programming, bio conflict, past lives in order to find the root of the issue and treat it.

Photo: Tim Mossholder

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Who is your session´s facilitator

What this session is NOT: If you are a writer, this session will address your blockages but will not promise you to write the next bestseller. This is up to you, obviously! We aim at supporting the removal of the causes of imbalance. Proper action to bring about constructive and positive creativity manifested in the physical world is up to the client.

Legal disclaimer: These sessions are NOT substitutes to proper medical and /or Psychological care shall the client suffer a clinical condition. We reserve the right to accept or not a client whenever we feel we are not in rapport or we do not share minimum values of integrity and the well being of all.


  • 1.5h Session performed at a distance (We do not need to be live on Skype or any other media)
  • We need a recent picture of the client alone (no pets nor other humans on the pic) full name, date of birth, current location
  • We will perform the session (informing the client of the date) on the soonest and most ideal time for the client.
  • We will provide an audio and written report in pdf after the session via email.



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