Chartres Labyrinth radionic disc


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Chartres Labyrinth radionic disc

The Chartres labyrinth is located in the Cathedral that bears her name, located in Chartres, 80 km southwest of Paris, France, a 13th-century construction dedicated to Our Lady of Chartres, honoring the Divine Feminine. (The current building stands on an earlier cathedral that was burned in 1194). Although it is considered a rumour, it could be that both the current and previous Catholic and Roman buildings were built on top of an earlier Druid construction.

The exact construction date of the Chartres Labyrinth, located in the main nave of the building, is unknown, as no documents have been found to certify the date, but it could be between 1200 and 1240. There is much debate and controversy about information related to the labyrinth, at least the that we have found. Its most exact measurements would be 12,887 meters by 12,903 meters.

Although there is also debate about it, one theory holds that this Labyrinth is inspired by the labyrinth of Crete, and the story of the Minotaur and Daedalus.

The Chartres labyrinth has been used for centuries in meditative, initiation or spiritual practices connecting with Jerusalem, the Christ, walking towards the center of it and out of it.

From a more alternative perspective to the official history of Chartres Cathedral from the energetic sensitivity of those who have come to feel the place, we are told that the entire building is like a musical instrument for the Soul, a place to capture and amplify the energies present in space.

At an energetic level, the labyrinth radiates beneficial and harmonious waves that penetrate the pilgrim who travels through it.

The Laberynth of Chartres has a four element structure helping us manifest in connection to the four elements. (Water, fire, Air, Earth and the fifth element in the center, Ether).

Properties of the radionic disc:

  • Helps enhance the connection with the Divine Feminine
  • Help us manifest intentions, goals, (when placing a witness paper with our intent on the center of the laberynth).
  • Help create sacred space in our homes
  • Helps raise frequencies from earth to heaven
  • Helps amplify beneficial waves in space
  • Helps to harmonize the waters (water veins, waters to drink, water element in space and in us)
  • It helps us as an instrument of visual meditation, centering, inner recollection, connection with the Soul
  • It helps us to balance our cerebral hemispheres when we observe it or walk with our imagination through it
  • It helps us charge objects, crystals, oils, herbal remedies, flowers, auric sprays with the beneficial disc waves.
  • As an object of harmonization of the space when we prove that we need it
  • As a decoration object or in altars to the Divine Feminine



  • Transparent methacrylate disc measures 13cm diameter by 0.5cm thickness (it may have normal micro scratches from the material).
  • Possibility of attuning the disc to its owner write us your name, surname, date of birth in the Notes section in the shopping cart.


Important: Disc does NOT include wooden base which can be purchased separatedly

  • Normal size wooden base Here:
  • Mini Wood stand can be purchased HERE




A Pura Presencia™  product made one by one with Love and Conscious Intent for the highest good of all

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