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Divine Grace Attunement

The purpose of this attunement is to transmit the vibrational essence of Divine Grace, one of the highest vibrations that exists. Divine Grace has the ability to open pathways for miracles to unfold in our life. It opens our hearts, lifts our Spirit and our Soul into Wholeness, reconnecting us with Love and Source. It allows us to perform deep cleansings and clearings, remove any dense and low vibrational energies, transmute stagnant energies in our living environment, our auras, our clients and animal friends.

This attunement transmits to you the Divine Grace vibration, a Divine essence of pure unconditional love an mercy. This energy and light transmission has the ability to help us heal deep spiritual wounds, lifting the vibration of everything it touches, revitalizing emotionally, physically and spiritualy people, animals, spaces and objects.

With this attunement you can:

  • -Improve your dowsing practice by learning how to detect and transmit Divine Grace
  • -Channel Divine Grace to help your clients in your pendulum healing sessions or any other healing modality where channeling energies are required.
  • -Charge water, objects, revitalize and empower stones and crystals with Divine Grace
  • -Strengthen our auras and help ourselves on our self treatment sessions.
  • -Amplify the cohesion of our auras attuning it to the Spiritual Realm, to support all areas of our life


These attunements have been tested by Baj-Pendulos in terms of their vibrational quality, clarity and integrity of the transmission. They will be transmited by Barbara Meneses individually.



“Dear Barbara!! Santa Barbara!!! Santa Barbara,because you do a Great Good for humans!! Thank you,so much both attunements!! You have installed in me,an unshaken and eternal Ligth, which create a new psychic environment.In this Ligth,the Source is present,and this presence help me to face my karma.The Divine Protection attunement,was very powerful, I felt this field to be raised in me.I feel blessed applying this Protection! Divine Grace attunement,was a baptism of fire!! This Divine Quality was in me!!! It is a miracle!! I perceived this function! Divine Grace attunement, gave me the ability, to face negative situations in me! Dear Barbara,thank you for all miracles bring, from Heaven to Earth!! E.M/ Greece.


These attunements are purely spiritual-energetic-vibrational transmissions.They are NOT a course in Dowsing or a Course in Energy therapies on how to channel energies, transmit energies. We understand that those booking these attunements already have an understanding of what an energetic transmission-attunement is and what they can do with it.

If you need further clarifications after booking an Attunement, you can book a 30 min mentoring session with us on this LINK.

Product details:

Distance attunement+Manual+Diploma

Energetic vibrational attunement performed within the following 48h after your purchase. You will receive an instruction manual in PDF and a diploma. Please give us your full name and location for the attunement when making this purchase.



An original Pura Presencia ™ product created with full love and conscious intent for the highest good of all.


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