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Radionic disc initiated Divine Mother


We have designed this radionic disk dedicated to the Divine Mother in her earthly and cosmic aspects, following the information that SHE has provided us to create the disk version of what her presence and energy would be in the form of an object that enhances her physical presence in our lives and help us.

The album has the name Mare, Maria, Mariam written in Aramaic, which means both Maria and Mare, “Teacher.” Around her, the Aramaic word “Rahma”, the compassion and mercy that characterize the Divine Mother, surrounded by twelve stars that represent in dowsing the twelve colors of the light spectrum and the celestial forces that accompany the Mother, as Queen of the Heavens.

This disc honors the Divine Mother according to the Essene tradition considering the Mother as a Teacher, but it is a Universal radionic symbol.

Decoded Rahma reveals to us that the purest Unconditional Love corresponds to the Ra (radiation) Hu (h) of the cosmic womb of Ma (The Universal Mother), in this lies Mare (Mariam), the Mastery of the Divine Mother.

It is surrounded by ten lotus petals that mark its purity and perfection as well as its own radionic transmission seal.

By affinity, the album has obvious resonances with Mother Mary, and with Mary Magdalene.


Disc properties

  • It connects us with the Divine Mother, the Universal Cosmic Mother
  • Allows the energy and beneficial frequencies of the Universal Feminine Principle to flow through the space in which the radionic disk is placed
  • They allow us to harmonize spaces and people when we place the disc in the optimal place or we place a witness paper with the name of the person to harmonize on the disc.
  • They serve as a focal point for our meditations, prayers, contemplation, and connection with the Divine Mother.
  • They help us to receive protection, help from the Divine Mother when we ask for it.
  • We can place the disc on tested areas that require the help of the Shakti energy of the Divine Mother, such as the area of ​​the second chakra, the area of ​​the belly and the
  • lower abdomen, so connected to the Mother.
  • It can help us to work energetically issues related to motherhood, with the feminine in us, the Divine Feminine, our connection with the earthly and physical Mother as well as our relationship with the Universal Mother.
  • It can bring us comfort, relief, deep nourishing-emotional support, energy protection, divine love, compassion, spiritual guidance
  • It raises the vibrational frequency of the space in which we place it, especially if we carefully select the ideal place and the ideal orientation, turning it once we have found the specific place where the vibration of the space increases with greater intensity.



Great portable Altar to Divine Mother, fits anywhere

We can place a candle in front or behind the disc when it rests on the wooden base included in this purchase

We can add a colored cardboard behind it depending on the color that best harmonizes our space and the disc changes its appearance and thus introduces chromotherapy to the radiation.

We can strategically place it in our dowsing workspace to aid us in our sessions.

We can meditate with the disc in our hands in a prayer position to receive the radiations of the Divine Mother and / or place it on the chest area while we meditate, relax, practice deep breaths or relaxation techniques.

We can carry water to drink or to make oils, flower remedies, auric sprays with the vibration of the Divine Mother.

We can place it in spaces for animals or in gardens to enhance the nutritive energies of the Mother (in her connection with Mother Nature, Mother Earth) to bless all kingdoms, including the animal, plant, mineral.

We can ask for angelic and archangelic protection through the connection of the Divine Mother as Queen of Heaven.


Disc initiated

The disc has been initiated for and by the Divine Mother in order that her most beneficial energies flow through it, her blessings towards us, our habitable space blessing all the natural elemental forces, all the kingdoms. The disc is initiated for the person who acquires it or, failing that, the person who will be its owner. For this we need the name of the person in whose name the Disc will be initiated. If the disk will be located in a familiar place, we can start it for the whole family in which case we only need the family name (the first two last names of the heads of the family). Tell us that in the NOTES section when making the purchase.

A channeled message about the Disc:

ML from Andalucia Spain received this information about the disc when meditating upon it:


“She is the gene, the fertile and creative seed that transmutes the molecules of our DNA

for the Ascension to Her sphere

blessed are those who under her mantle cover themselves

Cosmic and solar disk propagating the Christic acid

and Her blessings far beyond the sight

Through the twelve spheres and the twelve stars of Hers, the healing power reaches the disc radiating and impregnating with Her healing energy all those who want to bathe in Her

The powerful radiation of Her blessings from her pure womb reaches us like a light bulb

concentrated and directed from the center of it bathing our DNA

She, who transforms and transmutes molecularly, atomically

She has the power. She is the one who under her name destroys the fallen origin,

Creation made matter …

At the request of our Divine Lady

She was already asked once from her immaculate presence for her creation

and now in these times She has been asked to return to matter

to remember and sustain Humanity the Divine Presence of her in everyone, in our Being

She, who bathes the Cosmos with her light

concentrates her energy through this light diffusing disc

Master key to enter into communion with Mother, Queen of the twelve stars, of the twelve spheres ,of the 24 elders, each elder a strand, each strand a people ..

Divine Mother is immaculate Mother of the Earth, Mother of the celestial kingdoms

Mother of the spheres who blesses all her children with her infinite light and love. “



The Divine Mother´s disc can work together with great synergy with the Heavenly Father Radionic Disc.

It can also work with other Discs such as the Sri Yantra Disc.

We can also work with pendulums connected to the Divine Feminine from our collection such as: The Pachamama, Oracle Queen Bee, the Magdalene, The Essene Pendulum. You can lay your pendulum over the radionic disc to enhance the positive vibrations of the pendulum throug the energies flowing from Divine Mother´s Disc.



Transparent methacrylate disc, engraved and initiated


Disc measurements: 13cm diameter by 0.5cm thick

Cleaning: we can clean the disc with a soft damp cloth without using abrasive products.

IMPORTANT: We custom made these discs upon demand so we might not ship inmediately on the same day. We tend to be fast but be patient if it takes a few days. They are made one by one, Thank you!

NOTE ON METHACRYLATE Due to the nature of methacrylate, you may find micro scratches on it that do not affect the effectiveness of the disc.


Divine Mother´s jelly, a radionic experience


A Pura Presencia™ product made by us, with full love and highest conscious intent

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