DNA-12 Attunement


Distance Attunement+Manual PDF+Diploma PDF in English


DNA-12 Attunement

The DNA Attunement is an energetic support to help you activate within your self in your own time the 12 interdimensional layers of DNA. This attunement is not a promise of an activation which can need some work on your side removing blockages to this activation, working towards your conscious evolution.

This attunement is a vibrational help to assist you to enter in resonance with what it means to have your 12 layers of the DNA fully active. By receiving the attunement and connecting to it on a regular basis you can start working in this direction as explained in the manual.

This Attunement is a great companion to the DNA pendulum. Both will work hand in hand enhancing the process of DNA activation within yourself or else in the context of working with other clients.

You can also book with us DNA activation sessions. What is the difference between an Attunement and a DNA activation session you may ask? An attunement is a vibrational reminder of a series of frequencies so that your DNA remembers what it means to be fully activated at the level of the 12 layers. A bioenergetic session called DNA Activation is an in-depth work with your energy field to clear blockages and other limitations affecting the unfoldment of your DNA. In the Attunement, you work with the attunement to activate gradually your own DNA. in the bioenergetic sessions, we actively work with your DNA to facilitate this activation.


Distance attunement celebrated within the following 48h (except holidays) after purchase. Manual in pdf + Diploma in PDF.

We need full name, date of birth of the person receiving the attunement. Please write this to us in the purchase page under NOTES.


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