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DNA Energetic Activation Session

These sessions are highly experimental in nature. We have been working with these activations for some years in a private context and we are now ready to offer them to those willing to explore the unfoldment of their highest potential. Due to the personal nature of each individual, we cannot claim results or make promises. All we can say is after these sessions, the person feels more integrated and whole with an expansion of possibilities available to him or her. Indeed, wholeness is the goal of these sessions.

We will be working to balance 12 layers or aspects of the DNA on a purely energetic level with specific protocols with the Lecher Antenna,  finding sources of imbalance and providing bioenergetic solutions for these layers to support their awakening and integration in the context of the DNA system and the awakening and conscious  evolution of the client for his highest good.

These sessions need to be performed as a series of sessions for maximum results. Please bear this in mind when booking your first session.

Possible benefits:

  • Highly energized
  • Greater energetic coherence and integrity
  • Greater levels of inner peace
  • Awakening and expansion  of consciousness
  • New possibilities, awakening of inner talents
  • Door opener for new activities, life path


Product details:

Bioenergetic session with the Lecher Antenna and our DNA Activation Protocol, focused on the DNA for the awakening, expansion, and unfoldment of human potential.

Please write to us your full name, date of birth and current location. We will contact you with a date which will be selected with the Lecher Antenna as being the soonest and BEST and most optimum date for your highest good.

You will receive a written report after the session with the work that has been done for you and your DNA.


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