Lightworkers Radionic Disc


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For  all Humans, Animals, Mother Earth

Lightworkers participate in the planetary light grid facilitating high frequencies to be “digested” more easily by the rest of the population. Dense forces seek to disrupt that and other missions. One of the events that we are experiencing in recent times is precisely connected with this, with disturbing the work of Light. For this reason and in the face of the growing testimonies that we receive daily from sensitive people who are feeling the effects of the same thing that we are explaining here, we have created this radionic disc that provides help at an energy level.

This is more than a simple disc. It holds a profound work of protection for Light Workers and has invisible frequencies embeded into the disc for the highest good of the user/ owner and in harmony with Life,Source and the principles of Goodness. (The benefits of this disc will also assist non-light workers).

Test if you need it.


Do I need this album in the short, medium and long term?  Copyright Pura Presencia


Disc Uses

  • Access Multidimensional Star portals (for those open to it)
  • Protector of the energy field of the Lightworkers (Humans, animals, Mother Earth)
  • DNA protector to have close to oneself in the house (testing optimal place)
  • Brings Light and balances the Meridians of the Earth when placed in specific locations on the planetary grid, power spots etc.
  • To charge water that will enhance the protective effects of the disc (drinking it or creating water vials placed in specific areas)
  • To charge  crystals with the protective effects of the disc and create a grill of protective crystals in our space, around our home for example.
  • We can place a jewel on top of the disc, especially stone/crystal pendants, and program the stone/crystal to absorb the energy of the disc and act as a protective reinforcement.
  • To place a witness paper with the name of the person who needs to be “protected”
  • To meditate holding the disc and connecting with our own energy body, Light body, DNA
  • Other uses (use your intuition)
  • Pura Presencia radionic discs can be combined by putting one on top of the other when we see fit, thus creating synergies between them.For example you can place the radionic disc Celestial Father below this Lightworker´s protector disc and you will receive an infusion from the Celestial Father (or Divine Mother, Solar Angels, Metatron…) into your energy field when you place a witness paper over both discs.




Transparent methacrylate disc 13 cm diameter and 0.5 cm thickness engraved by hand, one by one.

Possibility to tune it to its owner. To do this write us in NOTES name, surname, date of birth of the person. If you do not write it, we understand that you do not want it tuned. No need to tune it

Disc care: the disc may contain micro scratches typical of methacrylate. This does not alter the radionic and energetic effectiveness of the disk at all.

It can be gently cleaned with kitchen paper and alcohol, for example.

It does not come with a disc holder that can be purchased separately Here:

Mini Wood stand can be purchased HERE


A Pura Presencia ™ product handmade with Love and Conscious Awareness for the highest good of All including Mother Earth

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