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Card deck 54 cards (physical deck) for General Testing + PDF Manual in English


Dowsing cards deck for general testing


We believe we are the first to have designed and created a specific deck of Dowsing cards to help dowsers who work therapeutically with their pendulums to determine in ANOTHER way, the specific needs of their clients or themselves in their sessions and self-treatments.

The deck has 54 cards, each of them relevant in a session of Radiesthesia, harmonization-healing with pendulums helping us to find dynamics that we should deal with in our sessions.

We have created this deck to serve as a SECOND TESTING OPTION for dowsers, that is, they can let information flow from the Subconscious and their intuitive higher connection by selecting the card (s) most relevant to the session. and thus confirm, complement their dowsing diagnoses.

Also, the cards can serve us when we are not very “in tune” during our Dowsing diagnoses  and we wish to access a “second source of information”, through a card reading, to receive extra intuitive information that could have “escaped” us during our dowsing quest.

Regardless of the situation, these cards complement, support the research that we carry out at the dowsing level in our sessions and can shed new clues in our search for solutions and answers to the energy imbalances suffered by our clients or ourselves.

In fact, these cards can also serve those who do NOT work in dowsing but are focused on performing energy harmonizations or intuitive healings and readings.

The deck includes a dowsing quadrant on the back of the box, in order to pendulum select the card we may need. In this way, we can select with our hands (in the traditional card reading style) the cards we need, or use the pendulum to ask which card we need. The objective with this is to facilitate the selection of letters and topics to work on in a session.

The 54 cards

The cards are connected with the preliminary practices that we have to perform at the beginning of our dowsing session, they invite us to check our diet, supplements, our chakras, layers of the aura, cosmo-telluric connection (Sky-Earth), feminine / masculine aspects, spiritual connection, entities, geopathies, technopathic stress, coherence issues, integrity, morality, lies, secrets, ancestral, relational, mental-emotional issues, priorities, unresolved issues, internal conflicts, etc.

All of this allows us to build our session by discovering what general dynamics could be affecting our clients at this time and which are a priority to address in the session.

Card 54 corresponds to OTHERS and also shows the 54 cards in a graph in order to be able to select them with a pendulum if we wish. Others means that to the question we have asked, none of the cards gives an answer, which indicates that we have to continue asking beyond the cards.


Card spread

1.We can ask a question and throw the cards, for example

What dowsing actions does my client need for us to work on in this session as a priority here and now?

-What dynamics are affecting my client in relation to the problem raised in this session?

-In what area or areas of therapeutic work should I focus as a priority in this session to help my client to balance?

-As a therapist, in what area should I focus to work with myself and improve my clarity and my ability to dowse and help others?


2. We can also put the cards face-down, that is, without reading or seeing the cards themselves, and select the cards completely “blindly”, letting their vibration and our Subconscious or internal guide select the cards and NOT our mental nor our expectations. (We can ask the same questions we mentioned in the previous paragraph).

3. We can pendulum select the cards using the quadrant on the back of the box or card number 54 of the deck, asking the same questions and selecting the cards with the pendulum.

Those people familiar with Divination can use the cards as they know how to do it, for example, drawing the card that blocks everything, the card that opens paths, the card that promotes solutions, the card of future dynamics affecting the client, the card that best defines the customer’s past etc. (We leave it to your creativity!)

We encourage Dowsers to work with the cards NOT from a Divination perspective but from a Vibratory perspective, sensing the vibrational need of a client or oneself not so much trying to “read the future”.


The PDF Manual

Obviously, this manual is not a Dowsing course and if you select a card related to an ancestral dynamic, we will not teach you in the manual how to work with it. We understand that you already have the training and ability to work it according to your own methodology. But if we throw you some clues in the manual to ask you questions, keep investigating for yourself. In other words, the 36-page manual in A4 format describes the cards but does not offer a course in dowsing or pendulum healing, to work on each of the topics for obvious reasons of space and purpose of this deck. It is a deck that allows a general test but the solutions provided by the dowser, the formulation of questions to continue investigating will be part of the therapist himself according to his work methodology. Level 1 and 2 Dowsing students in our training, as well as customers who buy our specific manuals, are already acquiring tools to work on specific issues mentioned in these cards. Likewise, therapists trained in other disciplines who work bioenergetically with these or similar dynamics.can easily provide their own solutions when selecting the cards they need to work with during the session.

The cards can be used by people in a simply intuitive way, by people who are not necessarily therapists but who wish to receive extra information at an intuitive level about what is happening to them, the root causes of a situation that they are analyzing, contemplating as part of their path of inner, personal growth.






ENGLISH Deck of 54 color cards, 305 grams thick, in a corresponding cardboard box. certified according to the UNE-EN 71-3 standard for toy safety.

Manual in PDF 36 pages A4 format.IN ENGLISH


A product made by Pura Presencia™ with Love and Awareness


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