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Dowsing for Prosperity

Manual+ Dowsing chart+Attunement

This manual is almost like a course in Dowsing for Prosperity. The manual covers all the theoretical and practical issues when it comes to analyzing what Prosperity is and how can we discover the deep-seated rooted beliefs, self-sabotaging, ancestral patterns, conflicts and situations that have limited our access to Abundance.

The manual covers issues we might not be aware of such as impacting negatively our Prosperity such as the concept of “bad Feng Shui” or errors in Space Clearing which can disturb the balance of elemental energies connected with Prosperity.

Through the pages of the Manual you will get a clear picture of what Prosperity is, how to work with your client to define it, and what questions to ask in order to find what needs to be cleared and what needs to be brought into the life of your client for this state of abundance to occur.

The manual has clear, powerful and to the point Dowsing commands and questions to help you work with the protocol and support your client´s Prosperity.

This work does not promise you to become rich, It promises you to support you becoming more aware of the internal, ancestral and systemic dynamics that can affect you and/or your client when it comes to experiencing greater levels of prosperity in your life.

The manual includes acomplete Dowsing protocol with actions and corrections suggested for you to follow through with your client/yourself.

Dowsing chart

To help the process, we have included a Dowsing chart in PDF (both in A3 European format and ANSI B USA format) with the main elements you need to look at. The chart will help you work with different layers of the aura, chakras, select Dowsing actions to perform, use radiesthetic colors and much more.



Prosperity Wave Attunement

Along with the Manual and the Dowsing chart we offer a Dowsing Attunement with the Prosperity Wave. If you wish to receive it, write down your full name and date of birth when purchasing the product under the Notes section. We will transmit this attunement on the next 48h after your purchase. We will confirm the attunement by sending you a Diploma in PDF. (Write down the name you wish to appear on the Diploma).

This attunement will help you connect to the Wave of Prosperity and transmit it to your clients to help boost their prosperity. You can also impregnate your pendulum with it and direct the transmission to specific areas of the body, living environment, working place.

A Dowsing question for you

This might set you already in the right direction towards becoming aware of your current measurements.


Thank you very much.  I glanced at the manual while it was printing and it is a wealth of information.  There are many subjects covered that I would not have connected directly to prosperity.  It will be so delightful to do a session for myself and clear all of these things.  I want to go on some overseas trips and pay for my friends to go too, so this abundance clearing will be an adventure!
We love and bless you for creating these wonderful tools for us to us.  You are continually raising the social conscious of the human race with this information and its use.  What an amazing thing this is.  We are forever grateful for your dedication and service to the light.  
God bless us all,


  • Manual in PDF 124 pages A6 size.
  •  Dowsing Chart in PDF in ANSI Format B (USA) and A3 (Europe)
  • Radiesthetic Attunement “Prosperity Wave” with Diploma in PDF


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