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Bioenergetic Dreamwork session

In this session we work therapeutically and bioenergetically with the dreams of our clients, those they present to us in the sessions. Through the analysis of the dynamics of the dream, characters, scenes, situations, sensations, perceptions, we can discover elements of the Psyche and the client’s energy field that seek resolution, energy support in order to help the Psyche, the mental body and emotional balance naturally.

We will need the client to tell us in writing or in audio their dream, or a series of elements that are repeated in dreams, or what they consider relevant for the session.

We will work at a distance with the dream, with the subtle field of the person to decode the different relevant elements in the dream and provide those bioenergetic solutions that the person requires to help themselves regain balance in they Psyche and energy fields.

The work will be carried out using our entire battery of solutions: Lecher antenna, bioenergetic solutions, Oniris pendulum specifically created for Dreamwork.

Working with dreams is another way of doing our inner work, approached from another angle, that of dreams.

In our sessions we bioenergetically measure the different subtle fields of the client, their balance / imbalance levels and provide solutions to facilitate their rebalancing. We end the session only when all the fields have been rebalanced for the moment and the person’s energy reserves have reached their optimal levels. How long can this rebalancing last? it depends on the person and their ability to balance.



  • Persons who have been diagnosed clinically with serious mental, emotional, psychological, psychiatric conditions
  • Minors (A Minor in our country is someone under 18 years of age).



  • Session at a distance 1.5h-2h duration between data collection, session, final report preparation
  • We need: recent photo of the person alone (without other people or animals), name and surname, date of birth, current place of residence AND a written or audio account of the dream with which you want us to work, or partial memory of a dream dreams
  • Final report in PDF and audio with the results of the session. (Please verify that you have spelled your email correctly so that we can contact you).


A session facilitated by Pura Presencia ™


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