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Bioenergetic Femenine Session

We work with all feminine situations with our bioenergetic solutions and protocols to support your feminine nature, your connection with the Divine Feminine and support you vibrationally to balance, harmonize and realign you and your feminine aspect, whether you are a man or a woman.

The sessions are performed with the Lecher Antenna and our whole range of tools, energy transmissions and profound Divine connections to help you heal on a physical, mental, emotional, energetic and Spiritual level all issues related to your feminine nature.

The session works to empower both your masculine and feminine side while focusing on the feminine. You will be balanced on both aspects by the end of the session to the degree that your energy field allows us to work these deep aspects with you.

These sessions help also clear ancestral trauma, past life trauma and current life issues in relation to the feminine within us.The sessions will help you reconnect to your feminine lineage and support you connect with the Divine Feminine within.

Your Shakti energy will be empowered and you will feel more grounded, centered, empowered and embodied. This can translate into greater levels of creativity, abundance and prosperity in your life. Remember that our connection with the feminine relates to our connection with the Mother, from which all matter derives, therefore by healing the feminine issues we are working towards healing our issues in 3D form, our physicality, Matter, the physical world.

Your facilitator, Barbara has an extensive experience working with Divine Mother and the Divine Feminine on a Spiritual and energetic level providing healing and guidance and has received extensive training in this area.

“There are three types of Enlightenment. Enlightenment of the Mind, the most common, Enlightenment of the Heart, a rare occurance, and the last one and most difficult of all, the final stage of Liberation, at the Womb level, the ground of Being. Healing the Womb is a great way to start working towards the greatest of all Spiritual goals: the complete and final Liberation”. Barbara Meneses

Who can benefit from these sessions:

  • Young women wanting to receive energetic support in relation to their pregnancies
  • Women who wish to work their feminine power and issues related to their femininity and feminine archetypes
  • Males who want to activate their Shakti power as we will be focusing on their own connection to the Divine Feminine

Product details: 

Fee for one session of one hour up to an hour and a half, performed at a distance in the most auspicious and beneficial time for your energy field.

Please write to us in the Notes area the full name, date birth of the recipient of the session. Always ask permission to the person prior to booking a session in her behalf.

You will receive an AUDIO and written report in PDF with the results of the session. Always listen first to the audio. Drink plenty of water and relax all you can after the session. It will take from 2 days to a couple of weeks to integrate the work being done. be gentle with yourself.

Disclaimer: These sessions are purely an energetic support and are not to be considered substitutes to the proper medical care that a person needs to follow with their medical advisors. The client discharges Baj Pendulos from any responsibility in relation to their own physical health and well being.  Agreement to this point is a pre-condition for working with you on an energy level.

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