Full Light Spectrum Attunement




Full Light Spectrum Attunement

This attunement allows you to tune in to the 12 color bands that form part of what is called the Full Spectrum of Light. This is at the base of our classes in vibratory radiesthesia and it is a MUST for dowsers willing to learn how to tune into these colors that are the building blocks of creation itself.

The attunement allows you to:

  • Channel all 12 radiesthetic colors together as the Full Light Spectrum or individually
  • Impregnate your pendulums with these vibrations
  • Charge objects, stones, crystals, water with this vibration
  • Channel these vibrations in a hands on healing session

These attunements have been tested by Baj-Pendulos in terms of their vibrational quality, clarity, and integrity of the transmission. They will be transmited by Barbara Meneses individually.


These attunements are purely spiritual-energetic-vibrational transmissions.They are NOT a course in Dowsing or a Course in Energy therapies on how to channel energies, transmit energies. We understand that those booking these attunements already have an understanding of what an energetic transmission-attunement is and what they can do with it.

If you need further clarifications after booking an Attunement, you can book a 30 min mentoring session with us on this LINK.


Product details:

Energetic vibrational attunement performed within the following 48h after your purchase. You will receive an instruction manual in PDF and a diploma. Please give us your full name and location for the attunement.



An original Pura Presencia ™ product created with full love and conscious intent for the highest good of all.

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