Habitat harmonizer CD


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Habitat Harmonizer CD

This CD is based on the science of cymatics applied bioenergetically to support the health and well being of a person, animal, plant. Habitat Harmonizer has been designed in particular to assist clearing a living space from all dense energies accumulated. Its intention is to act as a space cleaner, removing noxious energies, psychic, mental, emotional impregnations on the structure of the building, walls, atmosphere clearing layers upon layers of dense low vibrational energies.

The CD will balance the energies of your living environment (a home of no more than 100square meters) providing peace, clarity and restaurative energies to you, your family, pets and plants.

During our research to provide a service that would be less costly than a complete environmental harmonization , we have developped this CD which contains a range of bioenergetic solutions that will support the cleansing of your living space from noxious energies found on the ground where the building is erected and inside your home.

In some cases, these energetic patterns of disturbance have been there for centuries and survived different time periods and the families and people living in the land and in the building.

The CD comes with clear instructions on how to use it. A negatively charged home should require the use of this CD at least once a week whereas a “normal” home might only require its use once a month, to cleanse the house from everyday disturbing energies or frequencies.

In our tests, we have found that holding the CD close to one´s energy fields, the CD strengthens and balances the biofields of a person and we have had good experiences by sleeping with the CD close to our bed head. This is an extra bonus to the benefits of the CD when being played in the living environment.

Due to the way it has been energetically configured, this CD is ONLY valid for one house and their inhabitants, so any unauthorized copies of this CD will loose most of its beneficial effects. One CD per Home and per family.

This CD contains cymatic frequencies along with a vibrational cleansing work to support a home of around 100 square meters. (for an extra size home, please let us know and we will instruct you accordingly on the use of this cd)

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