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Hamba, the Divine Love Pendulum
“Hamba” is a word in the language of Light from the Source that means “Divine Love” but it is a form of Divine Love that has not yet reached Earth and that with this pendulum opens the way for us to experience this vibrational frequency of a more “physical-energetic” form.
(The sound “Amba” is part of the song to the Divine Mother in Sanskrit … “Ma, Amba, Lalita Devi”, then we find in Earth languages, reminiscences and similar meanings of the languages ​​of Light).
Hamba is at the heart of the word “Shambala” that when we decode the name of the mythical realm of the etheric planes around the Earth, it would mean: “The Light and Love of God, the Source”. Divine Love is an intrinsic part of God, of the Source of all that is. His creations are bathed and impregnated with pure Divine Love because it is with that primordial intention with which everything was created, before any distortion or perversion of the original Divine intention. Divine Love is in the highest form of Love, the “agent” or substance capable of uniting everything, of harmonizing everything in the wholeness of the essence of Source that is One and non dual.
Divine Love is the most sublime form of Love that we can perceive and Hamba is the heart of that Divine Love, then it is an exquisite nectar to which we are invited at this time to explore, know, detect, test, radiate, transmit, vibrate in order to help the Earth and all its kingdoms to rise little by little towards its highest vibration for the highest good of all.
Properties of the pendulum
  • May help us radiate the internal charge of the pendulum that connects us directly with Divine Love, the heart of Divine Love, Hamba.
  • May allow us to detect the absence of vibration of Divine Love in people, spaces, animals, objects It allows us to nurture, recharge, charge, transmit in our pendulum harmonization sessions, the luminous frequencies of the heart of Divine Love
  • May help us to work with the Dowsing key 1 related to the Flow of Love to help us empower, re-activate and nurture it when it has been damaged It helps us in cleaning the aura, the chakras or those areas where we work to reintroduce the vibration of Love, of Divine Love when necessary It helps us to reconnect with the Source with the Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine, with the Love of the Source.
  • May help us with issues of the Inner Child (We have a Dowsing Key on the Inner Child)
  • May  help us to recharge flower essences, food, drinks, crystals, with the vibration of Divine Love It helps us to balance, harmonize spaces with the vibration of Divine Love in processes of Space Cleaning.
  • May helps us in processes of emotional harmonization, support at the level of the Soul, processes of mourning, lost pain, sadness, weakened moods, etc.
Pendulum characteristics
  • Due to its shape: The Hamba pendulum has been created in the classic shape of the Mermet pendulum, our particular version of the Abbot Mermet pendulum, an excellent tool for searches and diagnoses that responds very quickly.
  • Due to its radiesthetic colors: the Hamba pendulum emits the WHITE base radiesthetic color, a universal healing color par excellence. Likewise, it emits as radiesthetic sub-bases the Positive Green radiation (a very harmonious and natural frequency that vibrates with the animal and plant kingdom) and the Ultraviolet radiesthetic color, a very high angelic and archangelical frequency that expands our consciousness and raises our vibratory rate.
  • Due to the content of the internal charge of remedies: Inside the pendulum there is a physical load of ingredients of very high vibratory quality that, among others, emit the Pure Central Vibration, a frequency that centers us on our axis, connects us with the Source and aligns us sky Earth. Likewise, said vibration emits the radiation of Spiritual Gold. Due to the properties of some of its ingredients that for copyright reasons we are not going to disclose the pendulum can help us purify and cleanse our aura.
  • Due to the engraved symbol: it connects us with the vibration of Hamba, the heart of Divine Love. By the intention in its creation: it connects us with the Divine Love of the Source allowing us to access if we are open to it, to some radiations of Divine Love that are not yet present on Earth and that are now beginning to be introduced with this and others projects of beings of Light.
  • Due to its spiritual dimension: the pendulum helps us to connect with Source, with the Love of Source. It also allows us to connect with beings of Light that vibrate in Divine Love, such as the Divine Mother, Yeshua, figures from other traditions that emanate strong radiations of Divine Love such as Kwan Yin, Avalokiteshwara, bodhisattva of Compassion. We also find the vibrations of the Solar Angels, and of the most loving solar frequency. Through the connection of Divine Love with the Maternal aspect of the Source, Mother’s love, we can help ourselves to work on issues related to motherhood, motherhood, mother’s love and the deficiencies that we may have experienced. Due to all this, this dowsing tool can help us to work emotionally and spiritually and energetically.
How to work with the pendulum
This is a vibratory radiesthesia tool. We use the pendulum when we want to transmit its vibrations. We place the pendulum over the area to be treated and let it move, generally in a clockwise direction, until the area has received and absorbed all the radiation of Divine Love necessary for the moment. We anchor and seal with a hand gesture as if we were covering a bottle to close it so that the vibration in the room is not dispersed and is only available for the person, animal, plant, space being treated.
Similarly, if we are going to work with the Flow of Love, the Dowsing Key number 1, we can use this pendulum according to the manual, to help us reestablish, reconnect, enhance the flow of Love in us, our clients. (You will have to use your knowledge of dowsing to do that along with the information provided in the manual and the key).
Animals respond very well to the vibration of Love and Divine Love. Simply offer them the option of receiving a session with the pendulum and let the pendulum move through the areas where you feel that the animal needs these radiations. When the pendulum is no longer moving, anchor and seal the work on top of the treated area and let the animal move and make its life. Allow him to drink as he might need it after pendulum work just like humans. The pendulum of Divine Love can be used on an animal before a veterinary intervention, before a car trip for example, or when a finger is going through typical emotional processes of abandonment, loss, death of its previous caregiver etc.
As an offerIing, we can tune the pendulum to its future owner. To do this, write your full name and date of birth in the NOTES section when making the purchase. If you forget to indicate it, we usually send orders very quickly, then it could happen that we send your order before you notify us of the name of the person to start, so DO NOT forget to mention it in NOTES.



The content of the Dowsing Key 1 on the Flow of Love and the Dowsing Key 2 on How to clear blockages and  traumas can be used with the Divine Love pendulum to help us re ignite the Flow of Love within and around us and help us track the blockages we may have to the perfect flow of Love in our lives.Also the Dowsing Key 4 on How to Heal the Inner Child can also be approached with the Hamba pendulum and the radiations of Divine Love, so resonant with the Inner Child.



“Winter is in my head, but the Eternal Spring is in my heart (French classical writer Victor Hugo). Such is this péndulm. an eternal spring, Hamba isavery sweet and special pendulum, a celebration of Life”  Javier C, Madrid

I have never felt so much energy touching a pendulum for the first time as I did when I held the Hamba, and I only held it by the cord!!! Thank you so much for these wonderful tools that help us so much! I am able to do great things with your pendulums and your courses,and I think Hamba is going to become one of my favourite pendulums”  Virtu, Spain.





Beech wood engraved and hand made. PDF Manual in A6 format 30 pages ENGLISH Possibility of attuning the pendulum to its owner. Please write their full name and DOB in the NOTES AREA when accessing the shopping cart.


A handmade Pura Presencia™ product made in Spain by loving hands

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