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Hamsa, Manual and pendulum against the Evil Eye

The Evil Eye is the consequence of a toxic look emitted by a person with personal power vibrating in a negative way focusing with greater or less intensity and awareness on a person, animal, home, space, object. The root of the Evil Eye is usually envy, the feeling of lack on the part of the person who emits it and the need to compare oneself with the other.

The Evil Eye is approached by many ancient traditions of the Earth as something that can make people and spaces sick by filling them with toxicity. It is important to be able to take care of it because it pollutes the environment, vitiates our relationships, dirties the beauty of our projects and makes us stumble, delaying the good progress of our best goals, ambitions and desires.

We have created the Hamsa pendulum which is a vibratory dowsing tool that combines three elements in its bosom in order to help us eliminate the Evil Eye, prevent it and protect ourselves from it:

  • The shape of the pendulum: we have chosen the classic shape of the Mermet pendulum, in honor of Abbot Mermet, a very skillful tool for detecting radiation of all kinds,
  • The Hamsa symbol historically used to protect us against the Evil Eye. The symbol that we have engraved on the pendulum has special codes and frequencies to enhance the strength of the symbol and help us in greater depth.
  • The internal charge of remedies: with physical and energetic frequencies specially selected to work to eliminate the Evil Eye and protect ourselves from it.

The Hamsa pendulum is NOT sold with the Blue Hamsa Radionic Disc sold separately


Pendulum Properties:

  • It can help us to eliminate the Evil Eye (We cannot promise that they will be eliminated, it will depend on the art of the dowser and if there is indeed an Evil Eye).
  • It can help us establish protection against Evil Eye
  • It can help us cleanse the consequences of our own negative looks towards other people thus freeing them of our negativity and toxicity.
  • It can help us to charge herbal remedies, crystals, stones with the energies of the pendulum and with the intention of helping to protect us against the Evil Eye or enhance using water / oil-based remedies as support after a dowsing session or to create auric sprays who know how to do them.



  • For cleansing the aura of people, animals
  • For cleaning spaces, projects


PDF manual

The pendulum is accompanied by a ENGLISH PDF Manual in A6 format with 45 pages with basic explanations about the pendulum and basic instructions for use that in NO way replace the dowsing training that those who decide to buy this tool should have received.



  • Medium to advanced level dowsers (students from our Level 1 and 2 courses in Mental, Vibrational Dowsing and Pendulum Healing can use it)
  • We do not recommend the use of this pendulum to novice or inexperienced dowsers.
  • We DO NOT recommend the use of dowsing to mentally, emotionally unbalanced people.




LEGAL NOTICE: Dowsing is NOT a substitute for medical care for those who suffer from a clinical condition and require medical attention.




  • Pendulum made of beech wood engraved, made by hand one by one. The top of the pendulum is specially designed by us, in Brass.
  • Manual PDF English A6 format pages: 45



A handmade exclusive creation made Pura Presencia ™ with full love and conscious intention for the highest good of all.

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