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Hamsa, radionic disc

The Hamsa symbol is an ancient symbol of Mesopotamia, the Middle East extended to the Maghreb and embraced by cultures such as the Islamic (hamsa, means 5 in Arabic), the Jewish tradition and the Eastern Christian).

We have created this symbol honoring all the luminous traditions of Good, in order to help radiate the most benevolent energies of this protective symbol against the Evil Eye among others.

Hamsa is also a symbol of good luck and fortune (because it releases possible hooks derived from the Evil Eye, the unhealthy look with which we look or look at us as a result of envy, for example).

The number 5 corresponds to the number of Man (Woman, Human Being), the five senses, the physical world).

In the Islamic tradition, the Hamsa is associated with the Hand of Fatima, daughter of the Prophet Mohamed.

In Judaism we also find the Hamsa, as a possible Sephardic heritage, perhaps due to the coexistence of this culture with the Arab and Berber from North Africa. There are references to connections between the Hamsa, with the letter Shin, in reference to an extremely protective name of God: “Shaddai”.

In Buddhism and Jainism we also find the Hamsa symbol meaning protection against the Evil Eye, as a symbol against ignorance, a symbol that eliminates fears, and attracts benevolence (good things). Also in these traditions the Hamsa is associated with the 5 chakra system and the correct energy flow. It is also considered as a symbol of purity, illumination, similar to a Lotus Flower.

Properties of the Hamsa disc:

  • Appeals to the protective force of Hamsa against the Evil Eye
  • Ancestral symbol Protector against negativity
  • Appeals to the beneficial vibes of Good Luck, good fortune
  • Symbol that represents the perfect flow of energy in our chakra system
  • Harmonizer Item Blessed To Help In Spaces, Spaces Cleaning
  • It can be used in radionic transmissions focusing on intention and witness paper with the idea of punctually protecting a person.
  • Combined work with pendulum, intention, radionic disk in sessions where it is detected that its use is necessary.


Attunement to the owner

As an offering we can attune the disc to the owner. Please upon purchasing write to us your full name and date of birth in the area Notes in the shopping cart.



BLUE methacrylate disc, individually engraved one by one. Methacrylate is delicate may come with micro scratches, admit imperfections, thanks

Measurements: 13cm in diameter by 0.5 cm thick.

Tuning in to your future owner (s). Write us in the NOTES section your full name, date of birth.

Physical cleaning of the disc: A soft paper moistened with alcohol.

Important: Disc does NOT include wooden base  no longer available.


A Pura Presencia™  product made one by one with Love and Conscious Intent for the highest good of all

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