Hathor radionic disc


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Hathor radionic disc

For some, Hathor is an Egyptian Goddess connected to the Great Mother, Fertility and Love, Goddess of Joy, Beauty, Dance and Music, very closely associated with Isis and Sekhmet. She was also considered Goddess of the Sky, closely connected to the Sun God, Ra and to Horus, whom she held in her to be transformed and renewed. Her depiction as having a Cow head is connecting her through the laws of resonance to the Abundance and Prosperous aspects of the sacred cows as well as their all giving nature in deep support and nourishment to humanity.

In the same wat as there was an Isis order of adepts working with the Goddess,  there was also in Ancient times, an order of “Hathors”, adepts most likely women who formed part of this Hathor inner circle, having their own mystery schools and specific teachings

Another line of understanding about Hathor is one in which, the Hathors are a collective of interdimensional-transdimensional group of beings from the 7th Dimension and beyond who are experts in communication, sound healing, divine sound currents, creating through sound waves, experts in translating the Light of higher realms into sound currents for specific purposes such as healing, awakening, teaching.

We have created this disc for those in alignment with Hathor, the Egyptian mystery schools, the multidimensional aspect of the Hathors as collective and the art of sound healing and vibrational resonance,the dance of light and sound for the purpose of healing, awakening, interconnecting the web of Life.

Hathor used a Sistrum. a sacred instrument, the only allowed in the innermost areas of the temples, as its power was mighty and had the ability to deflect all evil and break any energy blockages. (I have a sistrum and I can testify for its power!). We can focus on the Hathor´s sistrum and help us break energetic blockages in our field by using the disc and a witness paper and requesting this help from Hathor, the Hathors.

The disc has 14 stars, representing the 7 Hathors said to be present when a human being was born according to the ancient tradition, and the seven heavenly Hathors supporting the multidimensional aspect of a human being.

How to use the disc

  • We can meditate to connect with Hathor, the Hathors.
  • We can use the disc tohelp us  journey to higher dimensions
  • We can focus our intent on the disc and request vibrational support from the Hathor realms
  • We can charge or infuse pendulums, aura sprays, floral remedies by placing the sprays, pendulums over the disc a certain amount of time.
  • We can work in a hands on healing session placing the disc over a chosen area with the intent to transmit the healing sound frequencies of the Hathors over the area.
  • We can work on our voice, our expression, our communication skills by placing a witness paper with our name over the disc and an issue we might be facing such as fear of speech, fear of public speaking, as an example.
  • We can work on clairaudient issues with the disc, as the Hathors are connected to the realm of sound, hearing, listening.
  • We can work on language issues, perhaps opening ourselves to learning light languages or other types of communication.
  • We can work issues of Truth, Divine Truth… inviting this resonance into our lives. Clearing the false, the lies, the negative secrets that keep us in bondage and limitation.
  • We can use the disc as a way to communicate or strengthen communication lines inside oneself or else with others, or strengthen the communication of groups, projects etc. (place the issue over the disc, state your intentions, make them in all integrity and let the sound current flow through your request and thru the disc).



As an offering,we can attune the disc to its owner, please write your name and birthdate on the NOTES section on the shopping cart.



Metacrylate disc, transparent 13cm diameter. 0.5 cm width.

Attuned to owner if name is provided upon purchasing.

NO wooden stand provided, please purchase it HERE 

NOTE ON METHACRYLATE Due to the nature of methacrylate, you may find micro scratches on it that do not affect the effectiveness of the disc.


-Made by Pura Presencia with conscious loving hands-

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