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Inner Child Healing session

Bioenergetic session in which we will use the Lecher Antenna and our battery of pendulums and protocols to access the Inner Child and provide healing to all related issues.  Through the session we will establish connection with the Inner Child and dialogue on an energy level with this force to determine its needs and provide solutions to bring back this vital element into alignment and full connection within the client (to the degree in which we can work in one session).

The Inner Child as seen in some native traditions is responsible for connecting us to Source, our higher Spiritual aspects, therefore, the experience of having a wounded inner child due to the many traumas we have suffered in this lifetime or any other lifetime can be a real blockage in someone´s path.

The Child within is also the guardian of our inner joy, creativity and the blossoming of our full potential in Wholeness. Having this aspect of us withdrawn due to negative attitudes, judgments from self and others can really make us live in misery and disconnection from Life itself.

These sessions will heal on a bioenergetic level any entanglements or structures of limitation holding back the Inner child or else keeping this aspect of the client disconnected from his totality. We will also provide when necessary, a maintenance program for the client to work at establishing a stronger connection with this vital inner aspect.

Here is a beautiful testimonial of a client who experienced a healing to his Inner Child through one of our sessions:

Barbara is a magnificent healer.  I was completely blown away by her ability to connect to the deepest parts of myself, especially the areas that wanted to be healed. At 59 years of age I have attended an endless number of healing seminars, workshops, etc.  Today, Barbara healed my inner child and brought me back to myself in a  way that all of the other healings had not.  I highly recommend her for her ability to connect to Mother Divine. You will not be disappointed! Ed, an attorney from the USA

Please remember that due to the many life traumas we may have suffered, more than one session could be required. Each session will work to bring the person to perfect alignment bioenergetically for the time being but if more sessions are required the work will be an ongoing process. (We do not like to hook people into our sessions so we will let the client decide whether he/she finds beneficial to work the Inner Child with us in these sessions or else chooses to carry on by himself/herself. We have written a Dowsing Key focused on Healing the Inner Child which can be a wonderful way to keep working with this important aspect.

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1 session of 1 hour to 1.5 hours, at a distance. Upon booking we will determine the best time bioenergetically speaking for you to receive this session. Please write down your full birth name and birthdate in the Notes section upon purchasing this product. We will need an email and a recent picture.

Disclaimer: These sessions are purely energetic support and never to be considered substitutes to the proper medical and psychological care that the client should engage upon. The client assumes full responsibility of his health and discharges us from any responsibility or legal claim. This is a prerequisite to booking this session.

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