Inner Guide, Higher Self Pendulum


Pendulum+ PDF Manual in English


Inner Guide, Divine Self or Higher Self pendulum + Manual PDF (English)

A  Pura Presencia™ creation, handmade

In a time as turbulent as this one, in which the global situation we live in causes fear, confusion, bewilderment, there is a great risk of spiritual disconnection because our system, specifically the mind, enters survival mode. The worst thing we can do when we are in fear, is precisely to disconnect spiritually, although sadly, it is the first thing that happens to us.

Faced with this situation, we have decided to create this pendulum that we have called the Internal Master because it aims to help us reconnect with our Higher Self, our Supra conscious, our Internal Divinity, our Buddha Nature, as we want to call it based on the spiritual tradition with which we have a higher affinity.

Characteristics of the Internal Master Pendulum

  • By its shape: It is a pendulum, it has the classic shape of the Mermet, a pendulum in honor of Abbot Mermet, a vibratory dowsing tool with a great capacity for rapid response and vibration detection.


  • By its charge of internal remedies: The Internal Master pendulum has a load of luminous physical and energetic remedies that allow us to connect with our own Internal Master and facilitate our clients to connect with theirs when we work with other people in dowsing sessions. Among the load of internal remedies is a physical remedy that generates the Pure Central Vibration, a radiation that we study in our Level 2 Online course and that generates spiritual Gold and great centering capacity. It also has a physical charge of monatomic Gold and other high vibration ingredients.


  • By its two engravings: The pendulum has an engraving on the upper part and another on the side of the pendulum with frequencies that help us connect with the Inner Master.
    By intention: each pendulum is handcrafted, with full intention and focus to allow us to connect with the Inner Master. It is a great little gem.


  • By its radiesthetic colors: The pendulum emits the White radiesthetic color as the main color base and can access Ultra WHite sub bands.


An extra image for you to see that the pendulum is round but has a point, like the Mermet type pendulums


Pendulum uses

  • Helps to connect with the Inner Master and ask questions in Mental Dowsing mode
  • Helps to perform healings, harmonizations, corrections through the connection with the Inner Master (self-treatments and treatments to others)
  • Helps eliminate blockages, resistances, blockages in our subtle anatomy preventing or hindering our connection with the Higher Self, Internal Master, Supraconscious
  • To charge or infuse  herbal remedies, oils, crystals with the vibrations of the Inner Guide
  • Helps harmonize spaces
  • Helps generate protections when necessary


Pendulum Manual

The Pendulum is accompanied by a 33-page English PDF Manual where we provide basic information about the pendulum, its characteristics, its uses and we give examples through dowsing commands and inspiration to work with this tool in different contexts. Obviously, this manual is not a substitute for a training course in dowsing. We recommend our Level 1 and 2 courses on Mental Dowsing, Vibration and Pendulum Healing as they lay the great foundations of all the work we are doing from this page with the different offerings of pendulums and manuals that accompany them.


Attunement of the pendulum  to the owner

We can tune this pendulum to its new owner. To do this, write us your full name and date of birth in the NOTES section in the shopping cart. If you don’t, we are fast shipping the packages and the pendulum will be shipped UNTUNED. The pendulum works properly with or without tuning. Attunement helps to produce a greater affinity between the person and the pendulum.


Attunement of the pendulum

As an offering, we can attune the pendulum to the new owner, we need the full name and date of birth of this person. Please write this in the Notes area in the Shopping cart, or else send us an email inmediately of not we will understand that you do not want the pendulum attuned and it will be sent as such. The pendulum works with or without the attunement. So it is not necessary.



Legal Notice: Dowsing material is NOT a substitute to proper medical care.



  • Pendulum in beech wood, handmade with 2 engravings and a brass top

Measurements aprox: 7cm height, 6cm wide, 50 grams weight.

  • Manual, PDF format A6 Pages: 33 in English
  • Optional attunement of the pendulum to the new owner, write your full name and date of Birth in the NOTES area of the shopping chart.




A Pura Presencia™ creation handmade with Love and conscious intention for the highest good of all

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Weight 50 g


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