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Isis Macro Wooden Pendulum (8 batteries)

Impressive wooden Isis pendulum with 8 batteries. Ideal for works in a clinic set up with massage table or else for distance tele-radiesthesia work. This pendulum combines the power of its material, size and 8 batteries with the healing properties of Isis Pendulums in general. A combination of mental dowsing and the ability to transmit a wide range of frequencies and radiesthetic colors by means of the batteries.

This heavy duty pendulum will also help correct certain areas of the house, kept under the car seat it will provide balancing energies when driving for example. It might act as a dowsing correction device when placed over a noxious line.

A series of studies were done with the Kirlian camera over the pendulum. It was found that the aura around the pendulum is very big, symetrical and balanced.

Product details:

Size: 225 mm length x 48 mm width.

Weight: 225 gr. aprox

Material: Beech wood.

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Weight 350 g


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