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 Lecher Antenna Acmos

We are selling the original Lecher Antennas from Acmos (France).

This text is a translation from the Acmos leaflet in French:

The periscopic Lecher Antenna is an instrument constructed out of the research of the german physic Ernst Lecher (1856-1926) who was the first Director of the Physics Institute in Vienna (Austria). Lecher proved in 1906 that the speed of the electromagnetic wave flowing through the metallic wires (Lecher wires) is sensibly equal to the speed of light in a vacuum. (Dictionnary of Physics, P.Sarmant, Editions Hachette, France).

The Lecher wires are the ancestors of the Lecher Antenna. It is a straight electric line formed by two long metallic conductors short-cutted by a mobil bridge that determines the different wave-lengths.

According to Mr Lecher´s experiences, a generator holds a different alternative potential of high frequency from one of its extremities. The other extremity is closed by a regulated controller. “The existence of stationnary waves is revealed by the metallic bridge slidding through the two wires and holding an incandescent light  that shines upon the maximum intensity of the current”. (Physics Dictionnary JP Mathieu, A. Klaster, P. Fleury, Editions Massons, Eyrolles).


The Lecher antenna allows us to measure the electromagnetic radiations that surrounds us and emanate from all living organisms. It is formed by two wires closed in a loop on one extreme and a mobile cursor on the other extreme. This cursor allows us to select the wavelengths marked on the ruler and has the same function as a radio dial allowing us to select the different radio wavelengths. The  regulated loop being closed, allows the predetermined electromagnetic radiation to induce inside Foucault currents that are able to render the antenna sensible to the Laplace forces: the electromagnetic energy is thus converted into a mechanic effect translated in a tension that can be felt when operating the antenna that will actually make the antenna oscillate downwards when holding it on an horizontal plane.

Properties of the Lecher Antenna

  • High vibrational quality of the antenna due to the material employed for its fabrication. No influence over the measurements, capacity to transfer energies.
  • The “arms” of the antenna are folding enhancing its portability. (Fits in one´s pockets)
  • Light and robustly built.
  • Extractable device at the base of the Antenna for personal readings and measurements and for geobiological work.
  • Easy pre-location of the most important wavelengths on the ruler with clear marker points for those visually impaired.
  • Use in Geobiology, architecture, food selection, dosage, qualitative evaluations etc.

Main Uses

The applications of the Lecher Antenna are numerous. Its very high quality makes it an ideal instrument for Architecture, Geobiology, Decoration, Urbanism, Quality Environmentalism. In Energy Medicine (Bioenergetics, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, dosage selection, posology). The Antenna allows us to perform a very complete detection and regulation of all parameters related to the Human (and animal) equilibrium in relation to his body, nourishment, medication and environment.

Energy Medicine

Be it in the mineral, vegetal or animal kingdom, the Lecher Antenna allows us to detect and measure with precision all energy fields and all vibratory information.

For the Bioenergetic therapist, the Antenna constitutes a phenomenal instrument for exploration and research, for formulating questions, armonizing and dialoguing with Energy. By means of the Lecher Antenna, the Energy  provides information needed by the operator-therapist to reestablish the equilibrium and lift energy blockages.

Basic use


Acmos Antenna is sold without instructions. Here are some basic instructions courtesy of Baj-pendulos. We highly advice you to take a course. We offer online and in person courses.

To open the Antenna when it is folded, separate the two arms and introduce the black caps inside the two wholes at the side of the main body of the antenna. This will ensure the Antenna is solidly fixed and stable. When closing the antenna make sure to slide the two black caps prior to folding its arms.

To select a wavelenght slide the cursor over the ruler to the desired measurement.

The antenna is held by our two hands held in this position (shown in the picture) where the little finger is left out and the four other fingers grab hold of the antenna.

The Antenna is held in front of the user with the ruler facing the user.

The arms need to go straight and a special tension needs to be created with the Antenna whereas the Antenna is slightly inclined towards the user without dropping to the front by its weight. A stable balance point of equilibrium needs to be establish for the antenna to properly function.

Measurements are done by pointing the base of the Antenna towards the object to be measured in a swipping motion. (Slidding the Antenna from left to right or right to left and reaching the object to be measured).

Our personal advice: Always always leave the Lecher Antenna on 17.6 do not leave the Antenna unattended on another measurement or pointing at someone from the base of the Antenna or you will flood them and the area with unwanted energies.


Product details:

Weight with pouch aprox: 400 grams.

Original Acmos Antenna Lecher, Mass, Cable, black plastic pouch with zipper and three pages in French or English from Acmos with some basic measurements and info. You will receive with our email confirming your purchase the English PDF  leaflet from Acmos in English.

Please note that the Antenna DOES NOT COME WITH INSTRUCTIONS. You will need to learn from a course, a book etc.(A booklet from the manufacturer is provided upon purchasing the antenna via pdf).

We do offer online courses and in person courses.(Check out our Courses and Workshop menu).


SHIPPMENT: We have a flat rate for western Europe of 12 euros equivalent to a small parcel with a pendulum. You will be required to pay an extra cost for the shippment of the Antenna if you live out of Western Europe. Prices vary depending on countries. All parcels sent via certificate postal service.




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Weight 455 g

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  1. Bárbara Meneses

    I work with the Lecher Antenna since 2008 that is more than 8 years. The Acmos Lecher Antenna is the best Antenna I have tried. It is the “Rolls Royce” of the Antennas. It is highly reliable and extremely well designed by aeronautic engeneers. When working bioenergetically on human and living organisms, one wants to be working with the best and most reliable tools. This IS the best antenna so far. Well tested and with a long history of use and experimentation with the different wavelenghts. When pondering on different possible antennas, this is a safe bet you wont go wrong.

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