Life Path Session


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Life Path Session

We work with the Lecher Antenna and a whole range of protocols and bioenergetic solutions to support you in your Life Path Mission or Soul Purpose.

We provide support for you to gain greater clarity in the areas of your Life Mission that need support. We remove negative energies, blockages, implants, imprints, locating self-sabotaging attitudes, limiting belief systems, ancestral & past life and thought patterns that block the realization of your Life Path mission and purpose.

We will measure your degree of alignment in relation to your Life Path and provide solutions to bring you back into perfect balance in relation to your vital life project.

We work at a very deep and core level with the forces within you that determine your Soul Purpose and Life Path. Some of these forces within the psyche could be out of alignment in direct confrontation in terms of a clash of values and views.We work to bring to balance these forces so they can be expressed in a more creative and positive way in relation to your Lfe path.

What these sessions are:

  • Bioenergetic support and clearing of blockages standing in the way with cutting-edge bioenergetic solutions
  • Clarification of choices for the client
  • Measurement of bioenergetic alignment in relation to Life Path
  • Healing and boosting of one´s stamina.

These sessions are not: 

  • These are not fortune-telling sessions. We work with resonances on a bioenergetic level.
  • We do not direct the client to any area or field. We respect the client´s soul life path mission.


Product details: 

2h Bioenergetic session at a distance. We need full name, current address, recent picture and date of birth for the client.We need conscious permission from the client.


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