Magdalene Attunement


Attunement+Manual+Diploma in PDF



Magdalene Attunement

This attunement supports you connecting deeper with the Magdalenes, the Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine and the Christ frequencies.

This attunement is a stand-alone process or else can work in unison with the Magdalene Pendulum, as the attunement will enhance the capacity of radiation of such energies within the person using that pendulum.

Possible uses of this attunement:

  • Supports connecting with the codes and frequencies of the Magdalenes, Christ Consciousness and Divine Feminine frequencies
  • Supports the connection with the energies of Mary Magdalene and her embodiment as representative of the Divine Mother and Divine Feminine along with other feminine members of the Magdalenes such as Mother Mary, Anna.
  • Supports our work in radiesthesia transmitting with a pendulum (Magdalene pendulum or pendulums Karnak, Osiris) these radiations.
  • Supports working in hands-on healing modalities, transmitting the energy of the initiation to areas of the subtle body of the person.
  • Supports establishing a strong spiritual protection.
  • Supports the Spiritual development of the person deepening their connection with the Christ energy and the Divine Feminine.
  • It allows to infuse floral essences and of another type with the vibration of the attunement.
  • It allows infusing crystals, energetic grids with the vibration of the attunement etc
  • It allows connecting more easily in meditation with the Christ Consciousness and the Magdalenes and the Divine Feminine.
  • At the luminous level, the attunement allows us to work mainly with the energy of the Pure White Light, the Golden Ray (gold) and the Magenta Ray. Other rays can be accessed depending on the specific needs of the person/the session.Note: We do not recommend these attunements to persons suffering from mental/emotional imbalances. When in doubt, please write to us.



Thank you Barbara, as I read the Magdalene attunement, I feel the strongest, purest energy of love overcome me. It is the same sensation that I felt when you sent the healing with it recently. I am very blessed to be the owner of this magnificent pendulum, I can’t wait to work with it.
Blessings”T.  S / Texas, USA.


These attunements are purely spiritual-energetic-vibrational transmissions.They are NOT a course in Dowsing or a Course in Energy therapies on how to channel energies, transmit energies. We understand that those booking these attunements already have an understanding of what an energetic transmission-attunement is and what they can do with it.

If you need further clarifications after booking an Attunement, you can book a 30 min mentoring session with us on this LINK.


Product details:
Attunement+Manual in PDFl+Diploma in PDF

The Attunement is an energetic transmission performed at a distance, within the next 48h after your purchase, except on Holidays periods. Please make sure your email is correctly written. We will send you the Diploma and confirmation of the attunement as soon as it is performed, at a distance. We need your full name and current location for the attunement.


An original Pura Presencia ™ product created with full love and conscious intent for the highest good of all.


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