Masculine bioenergetic session



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Masculine bioenergetic session

The Masculine energy has suffered a great toll in human´s history. There is a huge degree of repressed and denied trauma in the masculine community. The famous saying that a man could not cry or express his emotions has caused incredible damage to those who got brought up with this mentality.

These sessions aim at balancing the Masculine and Feminine aspects within both male and females in order to have these forces within us balanced and supporting each other putting an end to internal wars, splits and separation.

The Masculine energies need to be restored to their rightful “position” in our internal landscape, honoring them for their ability to protect, to achieve and act both within and without. A balanced Masculine force is a blessing for the feminine, and a blessing for all society.

We work with the Lecher Antenna and our in-depth protocols to cover all male or Masculine related issues, balancing the yin-yang energies within a male, addressing ancestral, paternal line issues, difficulties relating to the feminine aspect within a male and without, couple´s relations from Masculine perspective, fatherhood, husband related issues, conception issues, work and career-related issues from Masculine perspective and much more.

Support session for divorce process, grief and loss, conscious evolution process, the awakening of the Divine Masculine within, sexually related issues, abuse and trauma, relationships issues from a male or Yang perspective.


Product details:

2h session, performed at a distance. We need your full name, date of birth current location and recent picture. You will receive an audio file and a PDF with the results of the session. Confidentiality ensured.


Disclaimer: these sessions are not substitutes to proper medical care. They are purely energetic and vibrational support. If you have a clinical condition you are advised to check proper medical care.



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