Medicine Buddha radionic disc


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Medicine Buddha Radionic Disc

The Medicine Buddha disc has been activated with the frequencies of this Buddha, also called Bhaisajyaguru, the Blue (Lapis) Buddha. We can use this disc in different ways:

  • It helps to meditate on the values ​​and vibratory qualities of the Medicine Buddha and the Universal healing energy that emanates from this Buddha through the Buddhist teaching that tells us about ending the ocean of human suffering through the fulfillment of the eightfold path, the transformation of the poisons of the mind in the enlightened qualities of it.
  • Help to work at the radionic level by placing a witness paper with the name of a person, animal, situation that requires the vibrational support of the Medicine Buddha
    It helps to raise the vibrational frequencies of the space where we place the disc and that we can test to place it in the most beneficial vibratory place to expand its radiation capacity. (More information about it in our Cleaning of Spaces course)
  • It can help us charge drinks, food, products, remedies, pendulums with the spiritual healing vibrations of the Medicine Buddha
  • It can help us focus our healing energies in our consulting or therapy rooms, in the case that we are therapists or in our personal workspace on an energy level.



The Medicine Buddha disc works in excellent synergy with the Haritaki Pendulum, The Medicine Buddha. We can place this pendulum on the disk to enhance its charge of internal remedies and its vibrations, or simply to complement the work between both, the disk and the pendulum.

The Medicine Buddha Disc is compatible with other discs in our collection because they are all intended to help us balance and harmonize ourselves. So it can accompany the Harmonizing Disc Ho ’oponopono, the Sri Yantra or the Disc of the Divine Mother and future discs that we prepare.

Attuned to owner

We can attune the disc to its future owner or his/her family. Please write the name of the owner/family in the area for NOTES in shopping cart.


Product Details

Methacrylate disc 13cm wide and 0.5cm thick, color blue, engraved


Attunement option to its future owner, write your name in the NOTES section when ordering

IMPORTANT: We make the discs one by one, an individualized process on demand. For this reason, we do not always have immediate stock and we have to prepare the discs. We will send it as soon as possible.

NOTE ON METHACRYLATE Due to the nature of methacrylate, you may find micro scratches on it that do not affect the effectiveness of the disc.


A Pura Presencia™ product made by us, with full love and consciousness

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Weight 90 g


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