Monthly Bioenergetic Program


4 weeks (Monthly) bioenergetic balancing program. At a distance.


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Monthly Bioenergetic Balance

1 Full session in length and 3 maintenance sessions (4 weeks)

Following the work of Bioenergetic alignment with the Lecher Antenna and our in-depth protocols, in this monthly program, you will receive 1 full session a month plus 3 maintenance sessions a month, to keep your energy fields balanced and your internal energetic reserves at maximum levels. This will allow you to thrive and cope with any condition/ situation you might be facing through your daily life.

We will be working with all our protocols addressing any issues that will surface for you causing imbalances on your centripetal, centrifugal and vibratory fields. We will be also monitoring your sacred internal polarity making sure you remain connected to your Divine Source at all times, your Pure Centering Vibration. We will provide at a distance with bioenergetic solutions to support your energy field and monitor the impact of these applications.

The work with the Lecher Antenna is one of the highest vibrational works available nowadays in order to provide deep nourishing on a core cellular level. We have the ability to access your energy field from different angles analyzing sources of imbalance and providing a wide range of solutions in support of your Life force.

This is the ideal program that can keep your fields aligned preventing their distortion with weekly interventions.

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Product details

1 full session (1,5h) + 3 maintenance sessions (30 min-40min) performed within the month.

Sessions performed at a Distance. Monthly fee. You will need to pay each month to remain in the program.

We need your full name, date of birth, photography and current place of location. Each week you will receive a written report.

You will be only charged once for the first 4 weeks. We will send you a friendly reminder for the following months if you wish to continue under this comprehensive healing program.


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