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Moringa pendulum tree of Life

Nourishment- energy- Detox

Moringa Oleifera is a deciduous tree, also called Ben, native to North India although it grows elsewhere. It is popularly known as the “Tree of Life”, also as the “Tree of Liberty” because due to its nutrients present in its leaves, pods and seeds, it is considered a nutrient superfood capable of solving problems of famine in the world, if it were planted and cultivated in such a way that the most needy populations had full access to the benefits of this tree.


The Moringa pendulum has an internal charge or filling of ingredients composed of Organic Moringa Oleifera, the purest grade physically and vibrationally that we have been able to obtain.
In addition, we have added a charge of an ingredient that produces the Pure Centering Vibration (PCV) and that increases the vibrational frequency of Moringa Oleifera by adding the Gold Vibration, the PCV that we study in our Online Level 2 Mental Dowsing, Vibratory Radiesthesia and pendulum healing course,which aligns us in our cosmo-telluric axis, centers us and connects us with our higher aspects and with Source.

We have created this pendulum to harness the superpowers of Moringa to Nourish, Energize, Detoxify the body.


Properties  attributed to Moringa

  • Contains all essential amino acids
  • Large amount of anti-oxidants helps with free radicals
  • Natural anti-fungicide
  • Natural antibiotic
  • Natural anti-inflammatory
  • May help those with kidney stones
  • It is diureic-purifying
  • May help balance triglycerics, cardiovascular conditions
  • It can help in cases of diabetes, blood sugar levels
  • It can help in cases of anemia
  • It can reduce excess acids in the stomach
  • Can help the liver, liver detoxification
  • It can help in cases of asthma, breathing
  • It can help the central nervous system, sleep disorders, cramps,
  • It can help in cases of arthritis, osteoarthritis
  • It can help in cases of allergies, respiratory
  • It can help in cases of migraines, headaches
  • It can help in cases of constipation
  • It can help in cases of gastroenteritis
  • Provides essential vitamins and minerals
  • It can help us recover after physical activities such as sports
  • It can help our muscles, general strengthening
  • It can promote natural regeneration functions and thus help in rejuvenation projects (we do not promise anything, we only inspire to focus our sessions).
  • Can promote the detoxification the removal of toxins of the organism
  • Great cantities of Chlorophyll.



  • Traditionally, Moringa is not recommended for women wanting to conceive a baby, yet once they are mothers, Moringa is excellent for helping them breast feed as the quality of their milk is enhanced by the intake of Moringa.


Shamanic properties of the pendulum

We can use the Moringa pendulum on a shamanic level, connecting with the elemental force of Wood, the Moringa Tree, Mother Nature and the wisdom of all trees, since they are usually “networked” and accumulate much wisdom and ancestral information. .

Likewise, due to the presence of the PCV, we can work to focus energetically and connect with the Tree of Life on a spiritual and energetic level, which can help us harmonize with the elemental forces, the ancestral forces, the spiritual forces connected with the Tree. of the life.

We can “travel” in a shamanic way or in our consciousness by asking a question and requesting that the answer be shown to us clairvoyantly when we know how to do it.

The vibrations of the pendulum calm, serene, reconnect, harmonize with Nature.



  • The pendulum is a vibratory dowsing tool. Its shape is the classic Mermet pendulum shape, a variation created by Pura Presencia.
  • The pendulum is used to transmit the vibrations of the load inside it, the Moringa load and Pure Central Vibration.

We place the pendulum over the area that we have detected that needs to receive radiation from the Moringa and PCV or, failing that, in the solar plexus, which is the optimal entry way to transmit radiation with this type of pendulum with a load of remedies inside.

We can give a dowsing command such as:

-Transmit to the area (s) in need the charge of remedies from this pendulum in its purest form and most convenient dose at this time for the highest good of my client in all times, spaces, levels of my being (my client´s needs) where needed, thank you.

We let the pendulum swing transmitting until it stops. We end “anchoring and sealing” with a hand gesture over the area, thus instructing the energy system of the person or animal that this energy and transmission are available ONLY FOR HIM and that they will not dissipate in space.


We can work with this and all the pendulums in our collection in tele-dowsing mode, dowsing in the distance. For this, the dowser will do it according to his training in dowsing. (In our Online Dowsing courses you learn to work in this way).

Animals, plants

We can transmit when we test it necessary, the vibration of the Moringa pendulum to animals, plants, water, food. To do this, we place the pendulum on the surface to be recharged and we give the instruction mentioned above, adapting it to each case. This way of transmitting radiation to water, for example, can be very useful when we want to vibrationally  assist animals that are not so open to receiving remedies in any other way.

LEGAL NOTICE: Pendulums are not a substitute for the medical care required by those with a clinical or medical condition.



Pendulum beech wood, handmade one by one, engraved with the word Moringa

Approximate measurements 5cm high by 5cm wide at its widest parts.

Includes Basic Manual for the use of Pura Presencia therapeutic pendulums in English PDF.20 pages A6 format




A product made by Pura Presencia™ with loving and conscious hands with greatest respect Mother Nature and the Tree Kingdom

Additional information

Weight 50 g


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