Neshama, the Hebrew Pendulum


PDF Manual in English, PDF Double Dowsing Chart, 14 Labels


Neshama, the Hebrew Pendulum of Pure Presence

A pendulum for you to work with your OWN labels (Includes PDF Manual, PDF Sheet and special Set of labels to enhance your own set of labels)

(It does not come with the classic Hebrew pendulum labels, important !!!)

After many years receiving requests from our clients to manufacture our own version of the Hebrew Pendulum, we have finally decided to offer it. One of the reasons why we had not created this pendulum before was due to the difficulty of being able to manufacture genuine labels without copying existing sets and infringing possible copyrights.

For this reason, we have created a Hebrew pendulum following our research, testing the components of the pendulum both in its shape, its engravings, its vibratory content and making a series of our own and exclusive labels that we will explain below.

Neshama the Hebrew pendulum an exclusive creation by Pura Presencia

The Hebrew pendulum (Metutelet) is a well-known tool for modern dowsers. Its origins, however, are not entirely clear, although we can say that it was created in order to investigate the vibratory power of the Hebrew language, a solar language as well as other languages ​​considered “sacred” such as Sanskrit, as they reflect the radiation of the meaning of the words unlike lunar languages, such as Spanish, English, French, German that only reflect the idea that the word conveys, but does not emit a vibration equal to its meaning.

The Hebrew pendulum became popular among French classical dowsers who used it in Vibratory Radiesthesia to explore the use of certain Hebrew words in the course of their research. It was therefore a tool for testing the presence or absence of radiation emitted by specific words of that Semitic language.

Soon the Esoteric and Therapeutic field adopted this  tool and new uses began to be given to it until it reached what it is today, a therapeutic and pendulum healing tool with  with which complete therapies can be done following the different methodologies and the different sets of labels that have been manufactured over the years by different dowsing teachers.

The Neshama Hebrew Pendulum

Our Hebrew pendulum is called Neshama which means in Hebrew: “Soul” or Divine Breath that God transmits to men. Decoding this word we find the letters Noun, Shin and Mem that have allowed us to discover a beautiful secret related to the Soul and its life path that you will find described in the manual that accompanies the pendulum.

The pendulum has two engravings, one in the part of the trunk (tubular part) and another in the upper part of it. The first engraving corresponds to the Hebrew word “El Shaddai” which means “God Almighty“.

At the top of the pendulum, we have engraved a Six-pointed star, the Star of David, and a very ancient and primordialTree of Life that reflects its organic nature.

Pendulum internal charge or filling

Inside the pendulum there is a charge of exclusive remedies that produce the Pure Centering Vibration (which we studied in our Level 2 Course on Mental Dowsing, Vibratory Radiesthesia and Pendulum Healing). This vibration aligns us in our cosmo-telluric axis, connects us with the Source and emits Spiritual Gold. Likewise, other ingredients inside allow us to raise the frequency of this pendulum and the work we can do with it and the labels we use.

The labels

This pendulum does not come with the conventional labels of the Hebrew Pendulum. We have purposely done this for the reasons detailed above. The labels that we have created are ONLY labels that will allow you to clean, enhance, align, center, reconnect to the source, amplify and purify those labels that YOU MAKE YOURSELF or obtain based on the Hebrew pendulum courses that you attend. . This means that we DO NOT offer you the labels that normally come with a Hebrew pendulum.

The labels that we offer with the Neshama pendulum, the Hebrew pendulum are of two types:

1- A set of 13 labels to clean and enhance your own labels (you can make your own label sets with Hebrew words that you testify are beneficial in your work)

2. A single all-terrain and multipurpose label prepared to perform body-mind-spirit healings-harmonizations through a powerful Hebrew prayer and invisible elements that we have added to the label to increase its ability to harmonize at the highest level. With this label we can focus on areas of the body, chakras, meridians, layers of the aura, problems and challenges, living spaces, objects, animals and give the dowsing command we need.

In the future we may release new labels that will be sold separately and we will offer a manual and perhaps some training on these labels and their uses. But for now, we have decided to offer the Hebrew Pendulum in this way and let your Hebrew Pendulum teachers out there in the Dowsing communtiy, offer you THEIR labels and teach you THEIR working methodologies.


The Neshama Pendulum comes with a 48-pages manual in PDF A6 format with a description of the pendulum, its characteristics and information on each label, how to use them and dowsing commands to use with them.

Dowsing sheet in PDF

The pendulum is offered with a Dowsing sheet in A3 format and ANSI Format B (USA) in PDF where you will find quadrants with the labels to help you select them, and other elements that will facilitate your work with the pendulum, the labels.

Uses of Neshama, the Hebrew pendulum  

  • The Neshama Hebrew pendulum can be used in three different ways: In Mental Dowsing, in Vibratory radiesthesia and in pendulum healing.It has two modes of operation: to test and to irradiate. We can test the need to irradiate labels or test an area to see if it needs a label, and we can irradiate.
  • Due to the properties of the Neshama pendulum, we can use it combining the force of all its components with the intention of the user and the formulation of dowsing commands whose power can be emitted by the dented radionic base of the pendulum in Vibratory-radionic Radiesthesia.
  • Likewise, the user can manufacture his own set of labels and incorporate it for use with the Neshama Pendulum because the pendulum has been created for this purpose.
  • Combining the labels that we offer (and that serve to clean and enhance the labels that the user has or obtains on their own) with the user’s labels and the vibratory power of the pendulum, we believe that an excellent job can be done at a therapeutic level both in the energetic as in the spiritual.

Attuning the pendulum to its owner

We offer the possibility to tune the pendulum to its new owner. If you wish, please write us your name and surname, date of birth in the NOTES section when making the purchase. If you don’t write it we will send the pendulum untuned. It is NOT necessary to attune in but there are people who feel a greater affinity when the pendulum is thus tuned for them.








EXTRAORDINARY HEBREW PENDULUM! he vibrations in the Hebrew Pendulum are phenomenal and I was taken in new directions…as if the pendulum was guiding me energetically on where to zero in, without the use of words or charts.  The resonance for me with energies if this particular pendulum was profound…even more so that I am not Jewish in this lifetime nor do I understand Hebrew.  Deepest gratitude for connecting me to this powerful source of healing energies. Laurie USA.




Please read the explanations well before buying, we are not responsible for your failure to read this information on the labels.

Handcrafted one at a time with full awareness

  • Pendulum made of beech wood engraved with the word “El Shaddai” in the central part of the pendulum, and a Star of David with the tree of life (upper part of the pendulum). with rubberband to hold the labels
  • Measurements approx: Height 6.7 cm
  • Approximate weight: 80 grams (not counting labels or packaging).
  • Set of 14 canvas labels (can be cleaned with a soft cloth)
  • 48-pages manual in PDF A6 format
  • Dowsing sheet in PDF format A3 and Ansi format B
  • Optional attuning of the pendulum to its owner (write name, surname, date of birth in the NOTES section).


A Pura Presencia ™ product manufactured in Spain by conscious and loving artisan hands.

The Neshama Pendulum, its shape, elements, labels and concept have been duly registered

Additional information

Weight 150 g


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