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New Ajna, the third eye pendulum + PDF manual


If your Eye is pure, your Being will be bathed in the Light”, Essene Tradition


IMPORTANT: This pendulum is exactly the SAME as our original Ajna pendulum.The only change is the symbol which we have created to make the entire collection of chakra pendulums more consistent in the design. You can choose or dowse which one of the 2 symbols suits you best.


We have created a pendulum specialized in helping us nurture and empower our third Eye, our superior internal vision in order to help us in our practice of dowsing and help our clients in those matters connected with their superior subtle vision capacity.

The so-called “third eye” opens when we manage to balance, harmonize and operate together the two cerebral hemispheres, the left side, rational, Cartesian and logical and the right side, intuitive, spontaneous, artistic, fluid. In dowsing, at least the type of dowsing that we teach in our courses, we work to nourish both cerebral hemispheres through the use of the two branches of dowsing that correspond to each hemisphere: Vibratory Dowsing (right hemisphere) and Mental Dowsing (left hemisphere). ).

Whether we know it or not, when we work intuitively in any therapy, or in dowsing, we open our third eye to a certain extent because we are encouraged to want to “see”, “understand” the dynamics that happen to our client and we want to provide solutions. All this is part of the area of ​​specialization of the third eye, the sixth chakra so to call it, the space between the eyebrows in which both hemispheres of the brain converge, activating the Higher Inner Vision.

The Ajna pendulum has been specifically created to nourish, empower, expand, activate our third eye, help you perform your natural activities. It has also been created to help us support our internal vision and we can raise our vision to perceive more, based on our current capabilities. With the Ajna pendulum and its load of physical, energetic and spiritual remedies, we can work to resolve blocks that we have to our internal vision and we can use the pendulum as a normal pendulum of Mental dowsing with which to ask questions. Due to the resonance of the pendulum, we can easily access the Akashic Records, our Internal Guide (Higher Self, depending on how we want to call it).

Working to heal our inner vision is crucial to help us perceive reality from a balanced perspective. The eyes are the mirror of the Soul but the information that flows through our eyes and feeds back to our Soul is crucial to maintain the health of our Soul. The straight vision of things allows us to maintain a balanced and harmonious attitude towards the situations that happen in our life. Working with our third eye to nurture it and expand its capacities can help us in a very flat and earthly way without falling into strange esoteric practices. A healthy, clean, clear third eye is equivalent to a crystalline, pure and clean internal vision. In that state, wisdom can flow deep into us without its pearls and seeds being lost or wasted.


Pendulum characteristics:

  • Due to ts shape: The pendulum has the classic shape of the Mermet pendulum, made known by Abbot Mermet, a very useful vibration dowsing pendulum to capture the vibrations of what is sought.
  • Due to its charge of physical-energetic remedies: the pendulum has a series of remedies that nourish the Shen energy, corresponding in Taoism to the area of the third Eye. It also has the Pure Central Vibration that aligns us on our axis, connects us Heaven-Earth and centers us. This vibration emits Spiritual Gold a frequency that raises our vibrations and facilitates the work of centering.
  • Due to its dowsing colors: The Ajna pendulum emits the base radiesthetic color White, a Universal healing color and as sub-bands the Indigo color, the great radiesthetic color that nourishes the third eye at a chromotherapeutic level and the Ultraviolet color, an angelic frequency that connects us with Higher consciousness.

Pendulum uses:

  • In Vibrational Dowsing (or Vibratory radiesthesia) ; We can use the pendulum to nourish our eyes, our third eye, our internal vision, expand our higher mental capacity, our ability to perceive ultrasensory. We can help balance, activate our hemispheric coordination through the load of pendulum remedies, as well as through the I work with Mental Dowsing and commands suggested in the manual.
  • In Mental Dowsing: we can use the pendulum and its vibrations to work to eliminate blocks that we have to our clairvoyance, our internal vision, work traumas from past lives where we decide to block our senses of sensory perception for fear of retaliation, past mistakes, etc.
  • Shamanic journeying: You can hold the pendulum in your hands and focus on something you want to explore in your inner vision. The pendulum´s radiation acts as an enhancer to our inner vision and can help us see more clearly. It can provide another way of seeing and perceiving.




The pendulum comes with a 30 pages PDF Manual with simple directions and ideas on how to work with the pendulum.


Attunement to the owner of the pendulum

We can tune the pendulum to your user. For this we write the name of its future owner in the NOTES section when making the purchase. If you do not tell us anything, we will send the pendulum wih no attunement. It is not necessary to tune it, but we have seen that certain pendulums work better when tuned.


Complementary reading

You can work with the Ajna pendulum on some of the Dowsing procedures described on the following Manuals:

-Dowsing and Subtle Attacks

-Dowsing and Artificial Intelligence

The third eye is often affected in cases of manipulation, psychic oppression and without going into very esoteric topics, we have found that many people have ropes, ties of attachment and subtle forms of oppression in their third eye originating from their links with companies, projects, people, organizations. Those oppressions narrow your way of looking. his way of perceiving things

of the visual. Likewise, many people addicted to television have strong subtle connections with their favorite programs, generating a lot of psycho-energetic toxicity due to long exposures in front of the television, the media, computers, etc.





The Ajna pendulum works very well in synergy with the Kundalini pendulum created by Pura Presencia and made my BAJ, as we have found that often times a blockage on the third eye, or an inability to perceive from the third eye with clarity and enough capacity to sustain the high levels of Shen energy required when doing “visionary energetic work” are due to poor flowing of the Kundalini energy or life force.


VIDEO PRESENTATION (this is the video for the Original Ajna with the first symbol, the information in the video remains valid for this New Ajna)


Pendulum Beech wood varnished and engraved with symbol (Approximate measurements: 7cm height by 6cm width)

PDF Manual “Ajna, the third eye pendulum”, 30 pages A6 format

Optional. Attunement of the owner to the pendulum. Please indicate name surnames in the NOTES section when making purchase.



A product made by Pura Presencia™ with loving conscious hands

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