Oniris Pendulum



The Oniris Pendulum, a dowsing and therapeutic tool to work with dreams and our waking states

(Pendulum + 60 labels + dowsing sheet in PDF + Manual 120 pages in PDF A6 format)

It is an honor to present you the Oniris Pendulum specially created by Pura Presencia ™ to enter the rich world of dream dowsing to to better understand our Psyche and help it from a dowsing perspective, to self-heal, process information, resolve inner conflicts and harmonize itself by allowing the person to fully integrate, expanding their potential and freeing themselves of the dense charge contained in their Subconscious and its connection with the Collective Unconscious.

The Oniris Pendulum has been created to be able to work with our dreams (and Waking Life can also be understood as a “dream”), helping us to better understand ourselves and the dynamics that affect us through dowsing analysis and harmonization of the energy that moves our dreams in the Psyche. We have created a complete set with immense therapeutic potential. But just as this creation has been designed to work with Dreams, the rest period when we sleep, due to the potential of the labels and the focus of this work, we can also work with issues ocurring during the daytime, as the waking period can also be conceived as a dream, an illusion.

It is important to highlight that this pendulum is launched along with an Online Dream Dowsing Course (available in the next weeks) in order to help us better understand the rich work we can do with this pendulum. With the information contained in the manual that accompanies the Oniris pendulum, the experienced dowser and therapist will be able to start working on these issues on their own, but we recommend that those who can join our course as the manual does NOT replace optimal dowsing training.

Properties of the Oniris pendulum


By its shape
The Oniris pendulum is shaped like the classic Metutelet pendulum, adapted by Pura Presencia for the purpose of dream work. The pendulum has two Isis batteries, which allow us to work in mental dowsing with dowsing colors when necessary. The pendulum is used in two positions, one to ask in mental dowsing, placing the base with the flower of life face down and the other in vibratory dowsing, to work by radiating the labels and vibratingly testing the need or not for them. The pendulum is engraved with a dream catcher to help us enhance our conscious dream work (consciously catch dreams, their meaning, their potential) and a simple Flower of Life to help us harmonize the world of dreams with our vital processes. Likewise, it has two pieces of mother of pearl that symbolize the harmonized union of Venus and the Moon in order to work, from Love for the healing of our Psyche, the Subconscious, the personal and collective Unconscious as well as its reflection in our conscious life.


By its inner filling content
The Oniris pendulum has a filling of remedies (more than 10) from the most exotic places in the world, analyzed and tested as being the ideal ones to help us work with our dreams in the richest and most profound way. It possesses the Pure Centering Vibration, a vibration that connects us with Source, brings us the vibration of Spiritual Gold, connects us with the Enlightened consciousness of our Inner Master, guardian of the depths of our Being. The ingredients within the pendulum are physical, energetic and spiritual. They help us to heal in depth at an emotional and mental level (diamond energies), to work to help resolve traumatic memories and to enter the subtle worlds of our multidimensionality in order to work with our dreams.The vibration of the pendulum is also very much attuned to our higher subtle bodies.

By its radiesthetic colors
The Oniris pendulum emits as the base radiesthetic color white, a universal healing vibration that contains all the colors of the light spectrum. One of the dominant sub-bands of the pendulum is the Indigo radiesthetic color, a radiation connected with the Third Eye, higher mental capacities, the head area, access to higher consciousness, the ability to perceive ultra-sensory. This color comes to naturally nourish our Shen energy, in Taoism, one of the primordial energies of the three Treasures, the energy connected with our Inner Wisdom, our Spirit, the Source in us.

By the combined use of the pendulum and the labels
Each label has different vibrations depending on the purpose of each one and therefore they will emit different dowsing colors depending on each dowsing action / correction. Likewise, each tag has a non-visible radionic enhancer that will amplify and deepen the work of each tag. In combination with the properties of the pendulum, the labels will amplify their radiation capacity when we place them in the central part of the pendulum in radiation mode, that is, with the toothed base of the pendulum facing downwards towards the working area.

The labels

The pendulum comes with a set of 60 fabric labels, prepared, initiated and energetically powered by different mechanisms. We do not authorize the fraudulent copy of these labels, which will stop transmitting the pure radiations that we have tuned to each of them and worse still, the fraudulent copy will transmit the vibration of the lack of integrity,  vibrations that are not beneficial to transmit to our clients.

The 60 labels have been carefully selected and prepared to carry out the work that each one indicates with its name. The work that we can do with them is extremely rich, deep and we consider that this set is complete, that is to say that we do not foresee creating new labels at the moment because the work that can be carried out is enormous as it has been created.

The labels cover a wide range of actions that will allow us to work with dowsing and our dreams, FROM AN ENERGETIC PERSPECTIVE such as:

  • They might help us harmonize our relationships
  • They might help us discover and resolve traumas manifested in dreams
  • They might help us eliminate parasites in dreams
  • They might help us heal astral wounds
  • They mighthelp us to strengthen the damaged aura during dreams, astral travel
  • They might help us work with ancestral family patterns present in dreams
  • They might help us to release the Subconscious of dense load, energy blocks
  • They might help us boost the optimal hormonal / glandular balance
  • They might help us to work with the Animus / Anima through dreams
  • They might help us work with obsessions, addictive patterns present in dreams
  • They might help us harmonize / heal archetypes, archetypal patterns present in dreams
  • They might help us resolve nightmares, sleep paralysis
  • They might help us to work on childhood patterns present in our dreams
  • They might help us heal trauma derived from abductions or possible abductions
  • They might help us release entrenched, repressed emotions
  • They might help us promote new solutions
  • They might help us work with past lives, parallel, timelines
    And much more.

For copyright reasons we do not reveal or make public the labels, thank you for your understanding.


Oniris Pendulum Manual

The pendulum comes with a 115 pages PDF manual in A6 format. The manual contains a basic explanation of the pendulum, its properties, and goes on to detail each of the 60 labels providing dowsing commands focused on helping us work with each label.

The manual IS NOT A COURSE IN DOWSING AND DREAMS. For this we have created an Online Dream Dowsing Course to understand in a deeper way the rich work that we propose with this tool and the Pure Presence approach to work with our dreams.


Dowsing sheet chart PDF

The pendulum comes with a dowsing sheet in A3 and Ansi format B formats in downloadable color PDF with the purchase of the product. In the sheet we have a series of elements that facilitate our work by selecting the labels and making basic measurements.

Attunement to the Pendulum

The pendulum can be tuned to its user which will enhance the work. For this, we need you to write us in the NOTES section when purchasing the product the full name and date of birth of the person who will own the pendulum. If we do not receive that information, we understand that you do not want that tuning and we will send the pendulum without attunement.


Label cleaning and maintenance

Labels can be cleaned with a soft cloth.

The pendulum does not need to be cleaned due to its radiesthetic color base (white) and the presence of the Pure Centering Vibration, self clearing.

However, if the person feels the personal need to clean it, she can consecrate a white candle and pass the pendulum over it at a safe distance or use a dowsing command to clean the pendulum.







We are thrilled to receive such a testimonial from the Group Session with the Oniris pendulum.
F, from Greece writes: “The results of the 29th November session with the Oniris pendulum were beyond my expectations. To be honest, I was in a bad mood all day. (…) In the evening half an hour after the session I gradually begun to feel relieved (…) I slept for hours (…) My depression has subsided and I felt very happy. I think that with your intervention you disolved a large part of the mental weight that I brought inside of me and that has bothered me for years. Thank you very much for that”



We have an Online Course in English in which we go in depth into the Dream Dowsing work we can perform with this pendulum. An excellent course to get you started in this new modality of bioenergetic work with dreams.

More Information: Online Course Dream Dowsing






The Oniris pendulum works wonderfully with the RIGPA PENDULUM, a specific tool to work with the MIND and mental issues.

Also, you can incorporate the Dream work with the Oniris to the work with Rahma the Essene pendulum and the Mahasiddha.



Totally handmade pendulum, made one by one, by hand of engraved beech wood (measures 7 cm high by 5.7 wide approx)

60 strong fabric labels (washable with a soft cloth)

Oniris Pendulum Manual in PDF 120 pages A6 format

Dowsing sheet in PDF format A3 and Ansi format B

Optional attunement to the pendulum (provide name, surname, date of birth in the area NOTAS NOTES when filling the shopping cart)


The Oniris pendulum, the labels, the manual as well as all the Pura Presencia™ creations are legally registered and copyrighted.


A product made by Pura Presencia™ with loving conscious hands

Additional information

Weight 250 g


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