Open Paths Pendulum



Open Paths Pendulum

We have created this pendulum with the specific intention of helping us Open Beneficial Paths and Doors that help us move towards achieving our best life goals and objectives.

Everything in life can be considered as a process and therefore, as a path, a way, a journey through which we set a goal, an intention and walk along the path until its achievement or until we exhaust that desire and change the goal. .

On every path we can find blockages, detours, distractions, temptations. We can find confusion, clarity, events and situations that challenge us, make us grow and activate our gifts, talents, aptitudes.We can also find ourselves at a crossroad in our life and have to make a decision between two possible paths.

The Open Paths pendulum will help us expand our horizons and conquer new internal and external territories in relation to our vital objectives.

These objectives and paths can be:

  • Our daily path
  • Our Life path
  • The path of prosperity
  • The path of love
  • The path of personal growth and development
  • The Spiritual path
  • The path of self-knowledge
  • The Path of Consciousness Expansion
  • The way back Home, the path back to Source
  • the aging and maturing path
  • The path of beauty
  • The career path
  • The path of health
  • The path of joy, celebration
  • The path of intuition
  • The path of self esteem
  • The path of relationships
  • The path of creativity
  • The path of our Soul purpose, life mission
  • Etc.Use your intuition… there are many paths, such as dance, music, service to others..


→ The pendulum can help us open paths, beneficial doors and cleanse, purify, revitalize, energize, enhance our walk along that vital path.

→ The pendulum can help us eliminate blockages, resistance, sabotage, self-sabotage that we have or get in the way of and help empower, purify, energize our walk and our transition through the paths we travel in our lives.

→ The pendulum can help us at a crossroad in our life see more clearly which is the the most illuminated path for our highest destiny.



The Pendulum is accompanied by a Basic Manual in PDF English 24 pages in A6 format that is NOT a course nor does it replace the dowsing training that those who use these tools should have. For this we recommend our Level 1 and 2 Online courses in Mental Dowsing, Vibratory Radiesthesia and Pendulum Healing that lay the great foundations of all the work we do from this page.


Attunement of the Pendulum to its owner

As an offering, we can attune the pendulum to its new owner. To do this, tell us your name, two surnames and date of birth in the Notes section when making the purchase.


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  • Handmade Beech wood pendulum with brass top, own design
  • 7cm height, 6cm width and 45 grams weight.
  • Basic manual in English PDF format A6 pages 24
  • Possibility to attune the pendulum to its owner (Indicate us in NOTES when making the purchase the names, date of birth of the person to whom to tune the pendulum




An original idea and handmade product by Pura Presencia™, created with love and conscious intent for the highest good of all


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Weight 45 g


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