Past Lives bioenergetic session



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Past Lives bioenergetic session

We work with the Lecher Antenna and all our cutting edge protocols to track down the past life that is currently affecting you negatively in order to resolve from a bioenergetic and conscious perspective the causes that are triggering a negative response from this timeline into your current reality.

When someone is being affected by a Past Life on an ongoing basis, he or she does not live in the present moment and is constantly being pushed into the past timeline experiencing the limitations of that current incarnation. This can be very debilitating and on an energy level can cause great tears and disruptions to one´s biofields.

Beware that you may think you are being affected by a past life to realize it is not the case. Whenever this is the case, this session will provide a great source of energetic relief and greater peace and balance in one´s field.

Product details:

Bioenergetic session with the Lecher Antenna and our full range of high vibrational tools and protocols, performed at a distance. Upon purchasing the product we will tune into your field to give you the best and ideal time for you to receive the session and afterward you will receive a written pdf document and audio file with the results of the session. We need a recent picture of yourself with no one else on it, your full name, date of birth and current location.


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