Phi Pendant




Phi pendant, the natural perfection of Universal Harmony

We have created this harmonizing piece for the purpose of serving both as a pendant and a pendulum connecting us to Universal Harmony. This pendant represents the Greek letter Phi, the golden ratio, and the Divine perfection existing in Nature, both in its microcosmic and macrocosmic dimensions.

This symbol has a long and mysterious history. Some have associated it to the Egyptian Ankh, others to the sculptor Phideas, who designed the Greek Parthenon. The golden ratio and the symbolism around the letter Phi have been used and translated by architects, painters, musicians, designers and artists who explored Beauty both in its Aesthetical and Mathematical dimensions. The Mystery Schools have worked with the Golden number concept, Sacred Geometry uses the divine proportion to build its powerful and consciousness-affecting shapes. Today Phi remains a Mystery still to be fully uncovered.

For us, Phi is at the core of Radiesthesia for Phi is the maximum representative of Beauty and Aesthetics. Let´s not forget that one of the main etimological meanings of Radiesthesia is based on the words “Radium” and “Aesthesia”: the radiating force of aesthetics, of Beauty, the sensorial perception of vibrations.

Phi also describes the union of the square and the circle. In sacred geometry, Phi connects the spiritual world with the material creating and electro-magnetic equilibrium. The central pillar of the symbol Phi can be seen as the vertical connection to the Father, the cosmic force of Creation and the spherical round circular shape the Mother, Matter, the foundation of existance in its magnetic attracting force.

Phi is also connected to the symetry of the five pointed star represented by the pentagon and the fractal aspects of mother Nature combining harmony and divine perfection in the most mysterious of processes: Life.

In Sacred Geometry, the platonic solids are connected to the golden number and in Chinese Medicine the Five Element theory is also connected to the cyclic nature of Phi, following its harmonious cycles.

Vortexes, spirals so very present in Radiesthesia are also part of the nature of Phi.

Phi is being used by some schools of Geobiology to harmonize geopathic stress mainly due to the negative impact of the  Hartmann grid.

We have found this symbol to expand and strengthen the aura. It is a powerful channeler of beneficial cosmic radiations deflecting other non beneficial or noxious energies.

When measuring the radiesthetic color of this particular pendant, we have found it is radiating White as the base color with a sub-band of ultraviolet. White is a cleansing radiesthetic color purifying in nature and ultraviolet is connected to higher realms, clearing of blockages, supporting the expansion of our consciousness and relieving pain.

This pendant invites us to embody our true natural perfection, based on Harmony and Beauty. As dowsers, it is by working on bringing harmony to our lives that we can heal ourselves and support others.

This symbol helps us keep ourselves balanced with a strong electro-magnetic field in equilibrium, centered in our true nature which is the ideal state to be for any dowser.

The shape of the letter Phi reminds us of the thoroidal field around us, the Torus bringing energetic coherence to our subtle anatomy, helping us keep our energy bodies under harmonious order.

The Phi symbol has been used in some Spiritual Schools as a Symbol for purifying and cleansing the Aura. Visualizing it above our crown chakra vibrating in Gold.

How to use this pendant

  • As a pendant: determine by dowsing where is most convenient for you to wear it: at neck level, over the thymus, the heart, the solar plexus.

At night time we recommend that you leave the pendulum on any surface but placed on the North/South axis, the top of the pendulum facing North and the bottom South.

  • As a pendulum: it can be used as a pendulum for therapeutical use when it is necessary to  impregnate or radiate an area with the golden mean, the divine proportion, the vibration of Universal Harmony. We can let the pendant swing in a clockwise motion as we use command words such as:

    “May this area (chakra, organ, meridian, person, situation, animal) return to its natural state of perfection, thank you”

    Then let the pendulum swing clockwise until it finishes its motion.


  • We recomend that you dedicate the pendant to the highest values that you hold most dearest with the intention that Universal Harmony always flow through the pendant for the highest good of all.


Product details:

Silver 925, Gold plated silver by the vertical axis.

The pendant is sold with No cord, please bare in mind the holes for the cord are small, so you will need a thin cord just like the one on the picture.

Size: 3,2cm long

Made with love in Spain.

Additional information

Weight 35 g


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