Radionic disc Ana Bekoach


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Radionic disc Ana Bekoach

Ana Bekoach is considered one of the most important prayers in the Kabbalistic tradition, said to be discovered by Rabi Nehonia Ben Kahana in the first century. The prayer holds the 42 letter name of God and is said to help us return to the primordial divine energies prior to Creation, thus allowing us to restore ourselves to the original blueprint that created us and all that is.

The prayer connects with the 7 days of Creation (and its reflection in the energies of the 7 days of the week) and the 7 sefirot (minus the upper triad).

You can listen to the Ana Bekoach sung by Ovadia Hamama 


Prayer properties

The prayer has different properties attributed to each line which also connects to an aspect of the Tree of Life.

  • Thus, the first line brings about the removal of the negative influences of time, space, physicality (Ana Bekoach Gedulat Yeminkha,tatir tzerurah) Chesed
  • The second line remove the negative influence of the Evil One and frees us from limitations (Kabel rinat  amcha, saagvenu).Guevurah
  • The third line allows us to bring light to the structures that entrap our soul fragments, thus allowing us to return to wholeness (Na gibor dorshei yihudhah,k’ vavat shamrem).Tiferet
  • The forth line provides the power of endurance, (Barchem taharem rahamei, tzidkatecha tamid gamlem).Netzach
  • The fifth tline brings the power of clear vision both in the physical and in the Spiritual realms (Chasin kadosh b´rov tuvcha nahel adatecha) Hod
  • The sixth line holds the power of radiation of Divine Wisdom to help enlighten ourselves and others (Yashid ge`eh lam´ach p´neh zohrei kedushatecha) Yesod
  • The seventh line helps us manifest in alignement with Source and helps us renew and restore ourselves and our lives (Sha`vatenu kabel ush’ ma tza`akatenu yodeh taalumot) Malkhut
  • The 8th line is a statement that allows to anchor all this goodness in our physical incarnated world, Malkuth. (Baruh she kevod Malkhuto le`olam vaed)


Properties of the Radionic Disc

  • Allows us to connect with the Spiritual and energetic vibrations of the prayer
  • Allows us to work with the healing power of the prayer in our massage sessions, dowsing sessions
  • Allows us to meditate with the prayer, holding it in our hands, or as a visual aid
  • Allows us to infuse (charge) stones, crystals, herbal, floral, essential oils, aura sprays with the power of the prayer
  • Allows us to balance and harmonize our living environement in Space Clearing, Feng Shui type work by placing the disc in specific locations according to our dowsing test.
  • As a meditation, prayer tool on our Altars.



  • Transparent methacrylate disc measures 13cm diameter by 0.5cm thickness (it may have normal micro scratches from the material).
  • Possibility of attuning the disc to its owner write us your name, surname, date of birth in the Notes section in the shopping cart.


Important: Disc does NOT include wooden base which can be purchased separatedly

  • Normal size wooden base Here:
  • Mini Wood stand can be purchased HERE




A Pura Presencia™  product made one by one with Love and Conscious Intent for the highest good of all

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