Radionic Disc Heavenly Father


Metacrylate disc

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Radionic Disc, Heavenly Father


We have created a radionic disk that reflects on Earth the energy and vibration of the heavenly Father, Abwoon de Boshmaya, as reflected in the Christian and Essene tradition.

The disc contains repeated six times plus one invisible in the center, for the three heavenly levels and the three earthly levels, the vibration of the Father reflected in the first Prayer of the Our Father in Aramaic, “Abwoon de Boshmaya”.

As in many Ancient teachings, the first line of a given teaching reflects the whole wisdom transmitted and thus, Abwoon de Boshmaya, the “Our Father Who art in Heaven” holds the entire teaching given by Yeshua (Jesus) to his disciples in this prayer, a healing and mending prayer connecting us to the seven realms, balancing the Tree of Life within us from the roots, to the branches through the trunk”,  Barbara Meneses

Disc properties

  • It can help create an environment of meditation, stillness, inner silence, peace, and spiritual connection with Heavenly Father.
  • It can be used as an altar where to meditate, pray, contemplate.
  • It can be worked energetically through the “charge” of water, water-based remedies in order to ask the help of the Father, his benevolent energies
  • It can serve as a high vibration object placed in spaces to raise the frequency of the place, bless the home.
  • It possesses the Pure Central Vibration, a radiation that centers us on our cosmic-telluric axis and aligns us to the Source, the Heavenly Father.


Attunement- activation of the Disc

We can activate-attune the disc for its future owner or the family where the disc will be placed. Please provide us with the full name of the owner/family in the NOTES section when making the purchase. Otherwise we will send the disc NOT attuned..


Product Details

Methacrylate disc 13cm wide and 0.5cm thick, transparent, engraved

Atuning option to its future owner, write your name in the NOTES section when ordering

Important: Disc does NOT include wooden base  no longer available.

NOTE ON METHACRYLATE Due to the nature of methacrylate, you may find micro scratches on it that do not affect the effectiveness of the disc.


A Pura Presencia™ product made by us, with full love and consciousness

Additional information

Weight 90 g


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