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The Holy Spirit in the Christian tradition is the third person of the Trinity, we write “person” in italics because it is figurative, it is not a person in the “human” sense of the term. The Holy Spirit as part of the Trinity between God and his Son, was also called in Greek “Paraclete” a mediator, defender, comforter that Yeshua announced before his departure as being the One who would come to help Humanity in its return process. to Source, to the reestablishment of Humanity´s alliance with God.

In the Bible the Holy Spirit is considered the power, the force of God, the action of the will of God. In Aramaic the words Holy Spirit correspond to “Roakh Da Qodsha”, the “sacred breath” thus connecting it with Divine Inspiration that has characterized so much the action of the Holy Spirit in the lives of those who have allowed themselves to be “inspired” by that force of God in order to understand the ineffable and come closer to the revelation of the sacred teachings that are the fruit of that inspired divine guidance.

The concept of the Holy Spirit exists in the three great monotheistic religions: Christianity, Judaism and Islam. In Islam, this force is mentioned as a communicating power and as a force of Divine action.

The day of Pentecost is the day on which, according to Christian tradition, the Holy Spirit descended on the Virgin Mary and the disciples (apostles) in the form of “tongues of fire” over their heads.

The Holy Spirit can be understood as a guardian, educating, inspiring force that we can invoke if we are in alignment with He-She-It and this tradition, in order to help us in all areas of our life to live in righteousness, integrity, honesty, love, in alignment. with the Universal and natural laws, in alignment with Source, God,, with Truth, with Love.

The Christian tradition tells us of seven gifts of the Holy Spirit that we can receive at any time in our lives such as.

  • The Gift of Wisdom
  • The Gift of Understanding
  • The Gift of Council
  • The Gift of Science
  • The Gift of Mercy
  • The Gift of Fortitude
  • The Gift of the Fear of God (Gift that is quite misunderstood that speaks to us of respect for God and acceptance of his will).
  • In some branches of Christianity there is much talk about the Gift of Tongues that ability or Gift to speak in languages ​​of Light. According to these traditions, this gift of tongues allows us to pray in the Spirit, which is a more powerful form of prayer than that based exclusively on the speech of our physical body exclusively. Praying in tongues in those traditions is a divine healing, transforming, purifying instrument.

«All those who are led by the Spirit of God are children of God […] And, if children, also heirs; heirs of God and joint heirs of Christ ”(Rom 8, 14.17)

In other more modern branches of inspired Christic teaching, such as in the Course in Miracles, the Holy Spirit, who also exercises an inspiring force that helps us to redeem and liberate ourselves, is the force that is invoked to deliver us from all the errors of perception that make us suffer and to let go by choosing the Peace of God again and again. This continuous movement of surrender of what causes us suffering and the awareness and choice to receive the Peace of God, passes through the help of the Holy Spirit who accompanies us at all times when we thus choose to walk on the Christic path.

Disc symbols and words written

The disk of the Holy Spirit circled the Aramaic words “Roakh Da Qodsha” which means “Holy Spirit”. Aramaic is the mother-language that gave rise to Hebrew and Arabic and the language closest to the one spoken by Yeshua when he incarnated. That is why we feel that it is the language in which we can vibrationally connect more to the information that Yeshua left us. Both Hebrew and Arabic are “solar” languages, that is, they vibrate emitting the frequency of what they indicate. Thus, Aramaic is also solar and the word Roakh Da Qodsha emits the vibration of what it refers to. The same does not happen with languages ​​such as English, Latin, French, Spanish that are called lunar languages, which ONLY reflect the meaning but ARE not vibrating the meaning, a very important nuance at the level of vibrational dowsing and the Science of Vibration that is the focus of all our work in Baj-Pendulos Pura Presencia and the teaching that we promote from this page, in our courses and audiovisual material.

The drawing represents the Dove, a bird with which the Holy Spirit has been represented in the Christian tradition

Likewise, the olive cluster represents the Peace that surpasses all understanding, the Peace of the Prince of Peace, the Christ and the Peace that the Holy Spirit transmits.


Properties of the Holy Spirit Radionic Disc

  • It can help us connect with the Holy Spirit and his gifts
  • It can help us connect with God Source, The Christ,the Holy Spirit in our meditations
  • It can help us to channel the energy of the Divine Current towards us, our spaces our projects
  • It can be used as a point of spiritual power on an altar where we place it
  • It can bless our living space, our homes with blessings and protection
  • It can serve as an object in the physical world that allows us to let go of our errors of perception and transform them through our choice and acceptance of salvation thanks to
  • the Peace of Christ
  • It can help us to raise the vibrational frequency of a space an area where we place it
  • It can help us to spiritually heal issues that are difficult for us, combining our request, intention, receptivity to receive the help of the inspiring force of the Holy Spirit (writing on witness paper the issue that concerns us and placing it on the disk for the necessary time) .
  • It can help us introduce the Peace that surpasses all understanding in our relationships, in our subtle field, a peace that harmonizes, calms, relaxes, serene, soothes all the elements that configure us and configure our space and environment.
  • It can help us harmonize a space
  • It can help with animals, plants, crystals due to its high vibrations and its Peace.
  • It can help bring spiritual and emotional comfort in times of trouble, emotional distress, grief and loss by placing it over our hearts, or the aching areas.



We have received permission and inspiration to make this disc. We do it with the utmost respect for all the traditions that contemplate the figure of the Holy Spirit. We would never make a disc like this without permission and without the blessings of the Most High. We have created this radionic disc because we feel, and so we are confirmed, that it is important and beneficial to do it for Humanity at this time.  in the same way that it happens with all our other creations of a spiritual nature.


“So far, this is the most powerful disc we have created. The first one we created vibrates enormously and its totally palpable… I felt a very strong connection to the Holy Spirit flowing through the disc, it felt as if I found a very “old friend”. A very strong feeling of love, tenderness, deep spiritual and emotional support. I hope you will be able to feel it and experience it as I do. This is a disc I will cherish inmensely” , Barbara Meneses


Attunement of the disc to its future owner

We offer the possibility to attune the Disc to its future owner or to the family that will receive the disc. Write us in the NOTES section as you place the order the full name of the person / family. If you do not write it, we understand that you do NOT want the disk started and we will send it without starting (It does not need to be started, test it if you need it started or not).

Notice: the disc is sold WITH NO wooden base. You can purchase it separatedly HERE.

Mini Wood stand can be purchased HERE



Transparent methacrylate disc 13cm in diameter and 0.5cm thick engraved.

Disc Care: Clean with a soft cloth with water, alcohol, vinegar.

NOTE ON METHACRYLATE Due to the nature of methacrylate, you may find micro scratches on it that do not affect the effectiveness of the disc.


A product made by Pura Presencia™ with loving and conscious hands

Additional information

Weight 90 g


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