Radionic disc Pure Success


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Radionioc disc Pure Success


Once upon a time I stood up in the main square in Mexico DF feeling the power of the vibration of VICTORY! flowing through my legs from the depth of Mother Earth exploding up into the Skies…
may VICTORY AND SUCCESS flow through you by means of this new Pura Presencia creation, the Radionic Disc Pure Success ·B. Meneses


We have empowered through visible and invisible means this  radionic disc to bring forth to the most beneficial forces of the I Ching to enhance our success either because we place it following the location calculations determined by Feng Shui in our corresponding area for success or because we test with dowsing which is the most suitable place to enhance our success in all areas of our life. Do not rule out that this place is above your front door looking into the house.

Success can be understood as triumph, the victory of the goals set in any area of ​​our life: finances, personal relationships, work, career, creativity, personal development, spirituality, projects, travel, etc.


  • It helps us to receive the most beneficial influences for positive success in all areas of our life when we place it in our home in the optimal place
  • It encourages projects that we place on top of the disk with the intention that they are energetically charged with the positive influences of success
  • It enhances the load of floral, herbal remedies, oils, crystals placed on the disc for the ideal time with the intention that they receive the most beneficial influences of the disc and enhance success.
  • It helps us to meditate on our projects, creative visualizations when we sit in meditation / contemplation in front of the disk placed at the level of our eyes when we are sitting for example.
  • It helps to harmonize spaces placed in places where we need to raise the vibration of success, for example in a study area, on our work table, under our massage table if we are masseurs, in our therapy room.
  • Use your imagination and give new positive uses to the album!


Disc Features

The radionic disc has different visible and invisible elements that enhance through radionics, numerology and the I Ching the vibration of Pure Success and the positive influences of Victory.The disc brings forth the constructive and positive Universal waves of success always taking into account the greatest good of all, never causing harm or detriment to others.



Transparent etched methacrylate disc engraved in two languages in the same disc: English and Spanish

Measurements: 13 cm in diameter and 0.5 cm in width

Important: Disc does NOT include wooden base  no longer available.


Made by Pura Presencia ™ individually by conscious and loving hands in the utmost respect

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Weight 90 g


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