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We have created this radionic harmonizing disc energetically empowered and attuned to the medicinal vibrational words of the Hawaiian peacemaking process called, Ho’oponopono, aimed at balancing, harmonizing and  pacifying all our relationships.

The disc measures approximately 13cm in diameter and is engraved transparent methacrylate, which generates a three-dimensional radionic object with more power than a simple two-dimensional paper copy.

How to use the disc:

We can balance and harmonize liquids, food with the vibration of the spiritual medicine of Ho ‘oponopono by placing glasses, plates on the disk and with a pendulum calculating the amount of time they need to be on the disk to receive the necessary energies.

We can focus on a problem and place the witness paper of our name and a paper defining our problem / challenge. We place the paper with our name and on top of it the paper with the challenge, we place all of this in the center of the disc. We can leave it there as long as we feel necessary, for the duration of the challenge or estimate with the pendulum how long it is necessary to be exposed to the benevolent radiation of the disk.

“Creating the disc, I did a test with a personal challenge that made me a bit nervous and after 3 minutes as tested with Antena Lecher, the negative impact that the challenge had on me was completely vanished allowing me to be at peace in relation to it Without a doubt, it is an incredibly useful Harmonizing disc that I foresee I will use for many years and many issues because everything in life is a relationship and we can harmonize ourselves with everything, which can improve how we feel and possibly the outcome of our challenges provided we approach them with the right view, attitude and action in alignment with the highest good of all “. Barbara Meneses

Ideas for use:

We can focus on all the relationships that we need to harmonize or that we need extra support such as:

Relations with ourselves
Relationships with life
Relations with Source
Relations with health
Relations with the disease
Relationships with others
Relations with aspects of us
Relations with Nature, Mother Earth
Relations with the animal, plant, mineral, human, etc kingdoms
Relations with the elements: fire, water, earth, air, metal, akasha
Relations with the subtle world
Relations with our creativity
Relationships with prosperity, abundance

Relations with your jewelry, clothes, crystals
Relationships with the foods and supplements we take
Work relationships, work relationships
Relationships with our sexuality

Synergistic use with Pendulum Ho

We can enhance the work with the Ho ‘Pendulum and / or vice versa, enhance the work of the disk by using it in combination with the Ho’ Pendulum. For this we can place the witness papers of the people / situations that we want to harmonize on the disk and use the Ho ‘pendulum following the instructions in the Manual that accompanies the Ho’ pendulum or the instructions in the specific Manual of the Ho ‘Pendulum Online course and work discovering the vibrations most necessary for the problem / challenge / situation that we wish to harmonize.

More information Pendulum Ho ‘and manual and Online Course of the Pendulum Ho’




(Pendulum NOT included in this price. It is only to show the Ho’ pendulum)

Transparent methacrylate disc engraved on one side. Energetically powered and Spiritually attuned.

Measures approx: 13 cm diameter, 0.5 cm width

Important: Disc does NOT include wooden base  no longer available.


A Pura Presencia™ product made in Spain by conscious and loving hands


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